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  1. Hey there, Thank you for your responses and concern for this matter. Glad to report that after 12 days money was returned. Hurrah!
  2. Hello and thanks for taking the time out to review my problem. I was at an ATM I use occasionally. Plugged in PIN and amount, the cash machine whirred opened and closed a few times then said ‘thanks for using’. I contacted my bank immediately and they have started a dispute. This seems to be a common problem from what I gather reading about this now it’s happened to me. It seems a bit odd that I have to wait so long to get my money back, if I get it back at all. Surely they should be able to check the camera and see that there was obviously something wrong and no money dispensed? is there anything I need to know so I don’t get shafted here by the ATM owner or by the bank dispute?
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