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  1. Breakdown cover

    Hi, I presume like many that when it was decided to go with then 'A shadegreener' that I would receive a 24hr call out, just like British Gas! No more worries, they would deal with any issues. This is far, far from the truth.


    My boiler locked out, I reset it, it locked out again & again.

    I phoned ASG Ltd on Saturday, then twice on Sunday, then twice again today.
    My boiler has been out of service since Saturday, with the F4, flame fail fault, which Weissman don't recommend resetting to many times.

    Despite calling and leaving messages on their answer service no one called me back. When challenged, guess what they, stated they have no record of my calls, this is despite me having a call log on my phone showing times of the calls and duration of said calls.

    they're lying, not the first time either.

    When I call back this morning, they said they would speak to Weissman and get me an engineer out, urgently ,bearing in mind I'm a Cancer patient and I've had no heating or hot water since Saturday! You might know, no call was received telling me when I would be getting a repair,


    I rang ASG Ltd back and I was told that should ring Weissman... Just what am I paying a service contract for?

    I called Weissman, they promised me a call back, never happened.

    I did however receive an Email saying I won't now get a call until tomorrow.

    I believe that the service being paid for isn't fit for purpose and has been missold.

    I had a British Gas service policy and it couldn't be faulted. 24hr, 365 day same day service and if no fault found, no charges were made, unlike ASG Ltd. Who expect the homeowner to be a heating engineer, diagnosing what wrong when a fault appears and if you get it wrong, you are fined £150 for the mistake. Absolutely unreasonable and unjustified.

    I would love to know your experience with the breakdowns and call-outs you've experienced. I'm considering taken legal action, because the service being paid for isn't fit for purpose and missold as I have previously stated. The more ammunition I have, will make the legal action more formidable.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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