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  1. Hi, No, I’m not suing them on negligence but their negligence will be something that I will bring up in court. Their tracking information was never updated to show that it was actually scanned into the Southampton Hermes depot. It only ever showed as still awaiting collection. Had it been updated , then my customer would have been able to proceed with his insurance claim that he paid extra for with Parcel Compare, and the matter resolved. The fact that only yesterday Hermes admitted that it did actually arrive at the depot on February 5th and was scanned into their system is negligent. Throughout my numerous attempts to trace my parcel Hermes insisted that it was still awaiting collection, despite the courier giving me a collection receipt. The only reason that I’m not uploading my court action particulars is that they contain private and personal information, which I don’t wish to share. I am, however, happy to share any information that will assist others (for both cases).
  2. Yes, first name is him, second is his brother (who works for Birmingham City football club).
  3. Thanks for your reply. I certainly won’t get caught out like this again. Until this happened I had no idea about Hermes terrible reputation. You live and learn, I suppose! I have rejected their claim and agreed to mediation (I will read information on here before I get the call). Cheeky devils asked for the case to be transferred to Leeds court, I’m in Southampton. I rejected that as well. I’m sure that the guy who originally purchased the lamp would be willing to help if I asked. Obviously he couldn’t stand to lose the money and had no other option than to request a refund. I am assuming that as the contract between him and Parcel Compare was cancelled (Hermes never updated their tracking to show that it was received at their southampton depot and I only received that information yesterday) that I am in the right to sue Hermes directly for their negligence.
  4. Yes, I have all of the original documentation. I parcelled the item up and attached all of the labels. I always make sure that they are very secure and even tape over them in case the printing gets wet.
  5. I believe that his full name is Mohamed Junaid Sajad. His father owns the house, which shows up on the land registry records.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Generally, I’m ok with doing Money Claims, this one being different as I didn’t enter into the original contract, though am the only party to suffer loss. Naturally, I will accept the mediation and read through the other comments first. I can’t post the pdf of the original claim as it has too much personal data attached and unfortunately I only have my iPhone to hand. I have attached the screenshots though.
  7. Vibart Road - he’s lived there for 4 years and (so far) has no CCJ’s!
  8. I have just arranged for a Money Claim to be served on him for £7000. Yes, it’s cost me over £400 to issue it, but with the amount that I have lost, it’s small fry. I have done a lot of research into this rogue trader and hope to have my day in court.
  9. Hi, This is a bit of an epic tale, I’ll try to be as brief as possible. I sold a Serious Reader’s lamp on eBay last January. They retail at over £600 and the auction was won for £255. I had listed it as collection only due to the size and weight of the lamp, however the customer asked if he could arrange for a courier to collect it, which I agreed to. He arranged through Parcel Compare for Hermes to collect. They did so on 28th January. No tracking information was updated on the information page and continued to show as waiting for collection. Hermes have since admitted that the last scan shows as received at their Southampton depot and then vanishing. My eBay customer had paid for additional insurance and went through a prolonged argument with Parcel Compare, to which I was copied into the emails. Parcel Compare refused to instigate a claim as the Hermes collection receipt had not been completed to their satisfaction. Eventually my customer had enough and went through PayPal to force a refund from my account. Parcel compare issued him with a refund for postage costs and refused any further communication with me as I was not their customer. I tried to contact Hermes through multiple emails (Martjin de Lange etc) received numerous standard replies asking for time to trace it etc and then nothing. I took out a money claim against Hermes (thinking 3rd party consumer rights?). Today they have replied stating that the contract was with Parcel Compare, not themselves and that it is them that I should be suing. They have also suggested mediation. I am now wondering what my next step should be ...... Any advice gratefully received
  10. I would tell him that you’re on your way to collect the car and are prepared to wait until he arrives. If says that you can’t, insist on knowing the reason. Has he transferred the logbook into your name yet? I think it’s time to stop the pleasantries and tell him exactly what your concerns are and if you don’t get the answer that you require, tell him that you’ve contacted the police and they will be meeting you at his premises. Sometimes a bit of bluster can help! For all you know he could be in the process of applying for bankruptcy and then you will have lost your money.
  11. Even if you pay by BACS the bank can sometimes do a chargeback. It’s worth talking to their fraud department.
  12. Really sorry to meet another victim. Where did you see the car advertised?
  13. It may be a long shot, but contact your bank, it’s possible that you could get a charge back.
  14. That’s the problem - £800 to go bankrupt against the thousands people will claim from him. The fact that he’s a rogue dealer doesn’t bode too well as I would imagine his stock is distributed between family.
  15. The problem for me is that it will cost another £450 to take him to court. Will I ever get any of my money (£7000 on top of the cost of the vehicle!) back? Seeing what he is like, I’m in a difficult situation.
  16. he used exactly the same lines on us - tip the delivery guy well, he’s a good lad working on a bank holiday (28th December???) - actually sent 3 texts saying this!! He also went to Dubai for 2 weeks on 29th December (during the pandemic???) which is why he couldn’t send the warranty papers.
  17. I’m wondering how and why this person has got involved? She states that she works for West Midlands police in the cyber bullying/online fraud department. How would this have come to her attention? The only picture that I have seen of someone on here was posted on Facebook 6 years ago - maybe 17 at the time but would be 24 now. No one is physically threatening this person or has anyone contacted him through Facebook (have they?) We, as victims, are merely conducting our own research, as it does not seem to be of interest to the police - more a civil matter. My son in law holds the same position as the author with Staffordshire Police and he told me that he would be dismissed if he provided this information online. In fact, any official contact from the police must be made through the appropriate channels, including the officer’s full professional details. This is not an official police warning. Knowing what I do about this slippery car dealer and the fact that HE follows these threads, I would be more likely to believe that this has something to do with him.
  18. Does he now! I sent him messages last night via EBay, because as you know he won’t respond to texts or emails. He denied selling me the vehicle, despite sending him proof. I’ve just been in contact with BBC Watchdog, who are VERY interested in him. I suggest everyone else on here does the same - the more of us who contact them, the more evidence they can gather. My aim is to see this vile person taken to the criminal court, and I won’t stop until it happens. I have also passed his information on to HMRC who take money laundering and tax evasion very seriously. I very much doubt that I will be able to recover the £7000 that I have lost, but I will make sure that he is stopped. Also at this address - Mohammed Junaid Sajad and Aamir Sajad
  19. I am investigating him still, but have this information so far: Junaid Sajad Home address - 101 Vibart Road B26 2AB or 165 Kelynmead Road B33 8LF - this last one was an address that he gave last night when I got a friend to pretend to want to view a car. He’s certainly a slippery devil!
  20. Hi everybody else who has suffered from this terrible trader! I will post all of the details that I have found out about him - sorry, I got carried away by my rant. I need to look them up in my book, so will do it this evening. I have created a new thread - thanks for the advice. He is also trading under James Marshal cars on eBay - same details.
  21. Well, we have also been done by Yewtree Cars/James Harrison! We bought a Land Rover Discovery from him off a dealer site on 28th December 2020. He advertised it as 1 loving owner (true, I tracked him down on Facebook, really nice guy!) throughout the advert WOW full dealership service history, WOW new cambelt, WOW new MOT, WOW full valet including decontamination clean WOW, WOW, WOW!!! We paid £4500 for the car plus £280 for delivery from Solihull to Winchester. He sent 3 texts reminding us to ‘look after the delivery guy cuz he’s a top man’! Soon worked out that HE was the delivery guy! They dropped the car off and scarpered. It was dark when it arrived, initial thoughts were it was disgusting inside. I have never seen such a filthy interior. He even left his sweet wrapper inside. He drove the vehicle down to us (we thought that we were paying for a transporter). It was running on fumes, so we took it out to get fuel. Straight away noticed automatic gearbox slipping. Not a good start. Next day messaged dealer asking for the receipt, twice, he said that he was in Dubai (in his dreams!) for 2 weeks but would send it when he got back. Before he delivered the car, he said that if we weren’t happy he would personally come and collect it. Sent him a message (I like to keep proof of conversations) to say that we certainly weren’t happy and wanted to return it. His reply was - SOLD AS SEEN, YOU GOT A CHEAP CAR! Thinking we would have to cut our loses, we had a new gearbox put in, only to find that the crankshaft had also gone and then the bottom part of the engine had to be replaced. Also the suspension at the front was leaking oil (mentioned as an advisory on the previous mot, which he said had been done). He forged an entry in the service book saying that it had just had a cambelt change (false Land Rover stamp), confirmed by previous owner and Land Rover. So, after 8 weeks of being at the garage and £7000 - YES £7000! later we certainly did get a cheap car from him. Are we going to let this go? NO! I have found out his real name and I am going to pursue him through the court until I get this money back. He is the worst kind of confidence trickster, a liar and a thief. We will have no hesitation in scouring Solihull for him, whatever it takes.
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