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  1. They are very nonsensical aren’t they? As far as I can tell they have no proof of ownership of debt whatsoever - it feels like they’re just hoping I cave in I’ll get onto the CRA’s now - thank you
  2. Before this TSB, I banked with the old Abbey National/Santander
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply - still showing on my credit file and no - not to my knowledge have I ever had an overdraft/account with Halifax - I’ve been with TSB for about 10 years!
  4. Hi all, First post - hoping someone can help. I’ve recently been trying to deal with my debts and have had some success. I have a default on my credit record registered by Arrow Global/Capquest which I didn’t recognise. I emailed to ask what it related to and they came back to say it was an overdraft with Halifax. I do not recall holding an account with Halifax so I asked them to prove it by sending the template letter. A few weeks went by and they emailed back to say there is no credit agreement as it was an overdraft, there is no statement available as I have not made any payments to them (Arrow) and no signed evidence available - the email went on to say I owed the money and please contact them to arrange a payment. I again emailed back and said I don’t know anything about the alleged debt and stated that if they have no proof they need to stop chasing me and update my credit file to remove the default. I have waited a week and today they have emailed me a letter (no letterhead) which looks to be a notice of assignment from HBOS signed by the credit operations director. It is dated 30 Sep 16 yet the date of default on my file was 11 Jan 16 and the start date of agreement was 8 Jan 15. The NOA could have been easily typed up on word... with the dates not matching up am I right to be suspicious? What do I do now? thanks and sorry it’s a long read! Crazycatlady
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