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  1. They are very nonsensical aren’t they? As far as I can tell they have no proof of ownership of debt whatsoever - it feels like they’re just hoping I cave in I’ll get onto the CRA’s now - thank you
  2. Before this TSB, I banked with the old Abbey National/Santander
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply - still showing on my credit file and no - not to my knowledge have I ever had an overdraft/account with Halifax - I’ve been with TSB for about 10 years!
  4. Hi all, First post - hoping someone can help. I’ve recently been trying to deal with my debts and have had some success. I have a default on my credit record registered by Arrow Global/Capquest which I didn’t recognise. I emailed to ask what it related to and they came back to say it was an overdraft with Halifax. I do not recall holding an account with Halifax so I asked them to prove it by sending the template letter. A few weeks went by and they emailed back to say there is no credit agreement as it was an overdraft, there is no statement available as I
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