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  1. The repossession people didn’t even knock on my door, I was home with my 2 children we would of heard, They took my car with bank card, shop keys and valuables in which I needed, if they had of knocked I would of sorted the money while they were there. I will check bill of sale when I am back home will it be original one or should I have got another one? as the paper work I have certainly doesn’t match. I did agree to lower amount but expected new paper work to sign which never come.
  2. What about the 300 payment I paid in December to stop repossession? And never defaulted since. Just defaults off a previous year due to injury. Car wouldn’t of been left there if I knew. How do I find out about a bill of sale? I wouldn’t of left it there if they hadn’t made the arrangement with me. As I knew I would have the money to pay it by 18th March. I have my car back now but it is damaged, which I’m going to have to pull out for.
  3. My car was on road outside my house. i took the loan out october 2019, never defaulted till June 2020. Requested payment holiday which they granted, still struggle due to Covid. on the paper work it says I took 2000 and pay back 175, a month. I actually only had 1200 at 105 a month. They never sent me new paper work. Hence kept telling me wrong settlement figures or would not send you settlement figures, then another date would pass.
  4. Sorry, it won’t let me edit it.
  5. Hi... well I was a idiot and got a log book loan from car cash point.... if only I knew how underhand and disgusting this company was I would never have done it. They haven’t been very flexible considering it’s been a global pandemic and I’m a hairdresser so have been off 9 month more or less. So many things they have done must be illegal. They made a arrangement with me on the 20th December 2020 if I paid 300 and then my monthly 110 it would stop repossession, which I did, I had correspondence with them on the 11th say my full balance due on the 18th Feb was £1875.29 even th
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