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  1. Thank you so much for the reply. I have tried to call the court (Torbay & Newton Abbot) but they are short staffed so cant answer ;-( Does the discharge mean it has been thrown out? On the report is is just marked as the court date 10th December 2020 and under that Discharged. Thank you!
  2. Dear all, very pleased to meet you in these strange times. I need to pick your brains! I checked my credit score and was shocked to see that I had a CCJ recorded against me. On calling the County Court they told me that it was from a parking fine back in early 2020. I never knew about this as I had moved house and also sold the car that the fine was against. As you will appreciate it was a big shock. I tried to call the parking company to explain but could never get a reply. I left multiple voicemails asking for a call back but again nothing. Today, I checked my score again and it had gone up? The CCJ is still listed but marked as Discharged. What does this mean. I have not paid anything or entered into a payment plan. Any help would be appreciated as I truly cannot afford to have a bad credit score due to mortgage commitments. Thank you so much, with kind regards Kenpoguy
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