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  1. OK got access to the SLC portal and there is absolutely nothing there for the 1996 loan that Shoosmiths are dealing with, only a subsequent loan I took out in 2002. What does that mean, if anything?
  2. I don’t have the details to hand, they’ll be on an old IDE hard disk from my old computer and I’ll need to buy an adapter to access those files. But from memory, I think the case was around 2016 in an English county court. A lawyer was posting progress on a case he was working on, I can’t remember which forum, arguing that Erudios DAF forms breeched unfair contract law. Erudio settled the matter out of court just before the case was heard when the lawyers client accepted an offer to backdate all his deferments and make changes to future DAF forms. Very soon
  3. No the first LBA was delivered by royal mail, but I responded by email, sorry if I didn't make that clear. I look at redacting the emails tomorrow, got to get some sleep now. Thanks
  4. OK I've looked back at my emails and it appears I've been dealing with shoosmiths since the start of 2019 when they sent a LBA that I'd totally forgot about. I replied that I didn't recognise the debt and we got into a big letter tennis over the facts. They then went quiet and then contacted me again in April 2020 asking for income and expenditure details to work out a payment plan with them. After I responded with my covid comments they went quiet again. And now they are back with another LBA and I haven't responded to that. Hope tha
  5. No, they contacted me in April 2020 not long after covid had hit the UK, but before any government support was announced. They knew I was self-employed so I responded how I thought it was disgusting that they were threatening people with legal action at a time when many people like me were loosing their income and struggling to pay basic bills and buy food. Looking back at it the only difference this time is the Letter Before Action, to ramp up the pressure to agree to payments, I assume.
  6. OK great. Thanks very much for the advice. I'll let you know what happens.
  7. OK thanks. Should I be saying something to Shoosmiths about not contacting me by email anymore?
  8. yes I have conversed over email and sent them forms both in email and by royal mail, firstly with erudio, then they sent it to capquest, then it went back to erudio and now with shoosmiths for a few years now. And yes they are well aware of my correct and current address, I have only ever moved once since the loan and that was before Erudio and it was all plain sailing with Saas/slc.
  9. I've emailed SLC already about the secret answer, so I'll see how that goes. The reached aged 50 bit comes from the loan being taken out in 1996 and the terms stating it would be wiped after 25 years after the first payment date or when you reach the age of 50.
  10. I've never logged into the SLC portal and it's asking for letters from a secret answer that I know nothing about and seemingly no way to reset/recover it. But realised that's maybe because it's SAAS that I got the loan from so I tried their website but it doesn't recognise and reference/account numbers I have as valid.
  11. I received the following email from Shoosmiths regarding an old SLC loan that was sold to Erudio. I applied for deferment every year until I turned 50 (at which point the debt should have been written off under the original t&c) I used a modified version of the SLC form (changing SLC to Erudio & the deferment threshold). Except for the last year when my objections to the original forms were (as far as I could see) removed and I felt I had no reasonable objection to their form any more. They refused to process the applications based on the
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