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  1. I have a Landlord policy with CIA. I made sure it covered malicious damage before I took it out. CIA sent through booklets via email which I read and a link to another page for another book - policy terms There are several policy terms books on that web page. I checked and read the wrong one as once you get on the webpage there is nothing telling you which book is yours. I read the first when it should have been the last. The documents cover tenants malicious damage as stated BUT the policy booklet says criminal damage is not covered. If I had known this I would have cancelled the policy. Now the issue is when is malicious damage not criminal damage. Malicious damage is done without your permission and by damaging someone else's property its a crime. The insurance company wont give any clarification on the above and refused the claim. The "missing" tenant turned the house into a cannabis farm and police didnt prosecute. Apart from going to the Ombudsman has anyone any other ideas. Damage isnt finished yet but will be a high value claim which is why I think they really turned it down. Took 4 months to make that decision which was disgusting and stressful as well. Is it a lost cause and not worth the stress of fighting or should I continue fighting, its wearing me out and dont have money to do all repairs.
  2. Just looking at the date of the offence 12 December. Possible was delayed in the post at that time as it was taking me up to 2 weeks to get a first class letter, then the New Year Shut down so to get it early January while the Xmas backlog was cleared seems about right to be honest. Not that I am telling the police that.
  3. Please take note: I got 2 tickets for 32 miles in a 30 zone on different days. The police said its their policy to ticket anything over 30!! I had to pay £100 for one and do the course as well. Even as a disabled driver there was no give on the tickets. Please stop saying that it has to be 35+ it really does not. West Midlands police in Nuneaton so definitely dont go 1 mile over in that area.
  4. Firstly I am disabled and have brain fog so can forget anything. Today I went online to check when the MOT is due as just had to renew my car insurance and know it comes quickly after that. I was shocked to see my car was flagged as NOT TAXED. I have had disability tax for years so dont even have to pay. After ringing DVLA I eventually found out papers had been sent to my old house which I left 3 years ago. With the stress of moving etc I never changed the car address but did change the address on my licence as that is correct. Now I am worried I may have picked up a speeding ticket sometime in the 3 years and also maybe recently on a day trip to London (2 miles too fast coming out a tunnel). The old house is 150 miles away so cant pop in and no idea who lives there now. Thats how I got caught out with tax as they sent the paperwork there to renew. The lady renewed the tax easily on the computer for me which I was so grateful for and backdated it to 1 Feb. Can anyone tell me how I can find out if there are any tickets out there in my name that I know anything about please? I have had a really awful week with so many problems and this is now really making me feel sick so dont want to worry for months to catch up with me. Thanks
  5. Hi I have a house thats on the market for new tenants and have Landlords insurance with Geo Personal Lines underwritten by Ageas Insurance Ltd. Today I got a call from the managing agent. He was in the house on a viewing yesterday - all fine. He returned to the house today to find part of the kitchen ceiling has collapsed (25%) and water is escaping from somewhere causing damage. An emergency plumber was unable to find the leak so all water was turned off. The plumber is saying sounds like a main pipe behind the corner kitchen cupboard is hissing out water AND maybe somewhere in the roof/ceiling/loft as the joists are wet upstairs. The cupboard is solid wood and cant be removed without breaking it and matching cupboard cant be found as it is old style. I have phoned Geo to make a claim as this sounds like its going to be expensive, small stuff I usually pay for myself. I have owned the house for almost 15 years and first time this has happened. The lady on the phone said if it is TWO leaks I have to pay two lots of Excess so my cost will go from £250 to £500 on one claim - its no where in the small print that this will be charged as two claims. Can anyone please advise if this is possible as never made a claim before and I am 60. Also I read the small print now and it says We will not pay for any undamaged items within the matching set which comes under the "Are there any restrictions on cover" title. Does that mean if the corner cabinet is replaced to get to the pipes none of the others will be as it will look so awful to have mismatched kitchen cabinets. Apparently they will only accept the claim as my policy includes "Track and Access" features which I didnt even know I had. She said they would send out their contractors to find the leaks but they didnt phone the agent yet - how long should I expect this will take as repairs will be needed as well after this, Would love any advice please as have no idea what to do or expect and in the process of signing up new tenants for 1 March. Thanks very much
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