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  1. The mediator was very good and did not put any pressure on to settle and stuck to the facts but looking back Hermes mediation tactics were to deny everything making it sound like you didn't have a case then offer the amount minus the £25 so my focus went on the amount rather than counter arguing the facts of the case. If that makes sense. i didn't like principal that i was going to be paying the costs of bringing it to court by myself as they suggested that it was my choice to do so when every attempt to speak to Hermes about this previously was met with silence or links to packlink. Also if they were that sure i didn't have a case why were they so willing to offer almost the full amount from the off but i wasn't going to argue over £12.50.
  2. Hi I have had my mediation today and have settled for £267.50 which is the full amount of £255 for the claim and half the costs of the mediation. The mediation itself was much quicker and more simple than i thought. The lady called and gave the basics around what the mediation was about and then asked about the case. She then asked for a very brief outline of what happened. She then advised she would call Hermes and call back. At this point she had not asked me to say if i would settle for a lesser amount just purely what had happened. When she called back 5 minutes later she advised Hermes had looked at the case and denied that they were responsible and it would be packlink that i would need to get in touch with also that when looking at the claim they had seen that packlink had advised there was insufficent packaging and that is why i did not get the full amount however as a goodwill gesture they would pay £255 to avoid going to court. I disagreed and said that i should not have to pay the court fees but (i don't know why) said i would split the costs. I think i was more happy that after 6 months i was getting it settled. She went back to Hermes and phoned me 5 minutes later to say they disagreed again and that it was my choice to go to court but in order to reach a settlement agreement they would be willing to settle for £267.50.
  3. Thanks. I’ve been reading the posts from here in preparation. i will do exactly as you advise and draft notes including the fact they’ve deliberately delayed the process with missing deadlines to get information back to court. This has lessened my willingness to compromise
  4. Just received an email advising a mediation date at the end of the month. After all the delays hopefully an end is in sight
  5. I know every step of the way they have filed things on the last day possible. They don’t even attempt to resolve the issue when you contact them before going down the small claims process probably aware a lot of people would give up at that point.
  6. After no action for a while I have seen it being updated today to say a general sanctions order has been submitted. From research I am guessing that they have not submitted the DQ back but will be given additional time to do this.
  7. Thanks i found that online seems a pretty basic form to complete just giving my contact details and to advise i would consider mediation
  8. i have received the directions questionnaire (small claims track) today. I have until the 4th of May to return this
  9. Hi Yeah I tried to submit the judgement on each of those days but was told i couldn't proceed until the right time had expired as i thought it was Friday aswell but they obviously had a defence prepared and waited until the last minute to submit it This is the PDF attached of the defence Doc_20210414_071627.pdf
  10. Hey have filed a defence at 4pm today the day before I could request a judgement. I thought it was last Friday but it was infact tomorrow they would have ran out of time
  11. Hi I submitted the claim online on the 10th of March and they filed acknowledgement on the 12th of March
  12. I have submitted the claim to the Money claim service and Hermes have updated to advise they intend to defend against the claim. I suppose the next step is to await 28 days for them to submit a defence
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