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  1. I have sent a response to quote that and also say that i will be submitting my already prepared claim to the county court Thanks for the quick response! I will see what happens next
  2. Below is the response i have received to the emailed version of the letter of claim. They should get the actual letter today Thank you for contacting our Executive Office team. My name is Gavin and your email has been received and I have personally been asked to investigate this matter for you. I’m very sorry this has happened, and I would really like to help you with this today by assisting you in making a claim, should you wish to do so. I can see that this parcel was booked through Packlink Shipping. Packlink use our network to send their p
  3. Thats great! Was an easier process than i thought to sign up online. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction rather than bang my head against the door with packlink
  4. Thanks for your help with this. I will get this sent to them and have also registered on the gov.uk website so my claim is ready to go
  5. This is a very first attempt! thanks for any help with this letter. Is there a specific email to use once i have a final draft? For the references on the letter am i using the barcode reference and tracking number? Thanks again
  6. Hi Thanks for that information. The value of the machine is £255, delivery (which has been refunded) was around £7. they had a 50% off offer on through ebay
  7. Hi thanks for the advice. I have reposted as PDFs. I have asked packlink for the escalation route but the same adviser keeps telling me they have rejected the claim and that's it nothing else can be done. They are not telling me what the escalation route would be. Packlinkpdf1.pdf packlinkpdf2.pdf packlinkpdf3.pdf
  8. - Coffee machine sold on EBay for £255 sent to buyer in December -The buyer reported it damaged and i refunded and this was sent back to me - Opened case with packlink sending photos of packaging and damage to the item - Packlink emailed to say Hermes had admitted the parcel had been damaged -28/01/21 email from claims department advising they did not need anything else from me and i would be refunded the initial cost of postage right away and £255 within 30 days -02/02/21 refund of postage received. The coffee machine could not be u
  9. Hi I had an ongoing damages claim with Packlink. They took their time but eventaully advised it would be sent to a final claim stage. I then recieved an email advising they did not need anything else from me. Hermes accepted they had damaged the item and i would be refunded the delivery fee (which i have) and then within 30 days i would get an amount of £255. this is the full amount as i purchased the additional insurance. During the 30 days they have got back on touch to say they have changed their minds and the packaging inside was not sufficent and will not be pa
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