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  1. Ok thanks, I will ignore them. Hopefully they won’t send a claim I have never written to Erudio. I’m not sure exactly how they got my new address, perhaps from my credit file if they have access to that.
  2. Hi again, I spoke directly to both SLC and StepChange. From my SLC correspondence it seems that the last deferment was sent to them Sep 2013. Stepchange have confirmed that a token payment was made monthly to Erudio 4th Nov- 5th Oct 2017 as part of a token payment plan- the total amount paid for this period was £14.38. This contradicts Erudio’s claim that £300 was paid in July 2019 and their second ‘phantom payment’ assertion that it was paid on October 2017. StepChange are emailing me the schedule of payments made at this time. Should I challenge the
  3. Thank you so much for the advice. I will SAR SLC and StepChange to figure out what payments, if any were made in 2017 as Erudio claim. I found a Stepchange ‘action plan’ listing Erudio as being offered £1 token payments so perhaps those were made, but very unlikely to be £300 as Erudio have suggested. If any payments were made in 2017, even a small amount, does this mean SB does not apply? In which case, how can I defer these loans or stop any claims? There is nothing reported on my credit from them. As you say, they could have obtained a CCJ much earlier and sent papers to an
  4. Hi, apologies if I’m repeating similar cases. I have read some of these threads but finding myself more and more confused. Erudio have recently been demanding payment of the sum of £8500, sending threatening letters, calls from CapQuest and a home-call card from ResolveCall. I have young children at home and do not want strangers knocking at the door. I queried by email the information that was held against my account and they responded:- “We note your comments and confirm that Erudio have owned your account since March 2014. Your last deferment ended on 14/1
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