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  1. Nope read what happened... landlord contacted to check facts....OVO has no contract or ever had at this address I'm not asking what happened...just advice as to what to do next
  2. Nope they said it was erroneous transfer happened some time after we had moved into the property Living in property since 2018
  3. No we were registered and paying Eon OVO executed a transfer unbeknownst to us It was previously a betting shop but converted by landlord to flat and currently a charity shop beneath. We were the first residents. The landlord confirms there is not or ever has been a person that OVO were billing. We did everything correctly regards gas electric when we moved in. At some point OVO took over without consent and obviously without informing us
  4. My partner woke alone after a nightshift to 4 men outside the bedroom door having picked the locks.to gain entry. Ovo has been sending letters for some time addressed to a man we dont know...letters being returned to sender The letters then started being addressed to the occupier, we assumed it was junk mail. Curiosity eventually got the better of me and i opened one to find ovo intended to recover a debt.. I called and informed them of their mistake and as the agent asked, i checked the meter number. They said that an erroneous transfer had probably occ
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