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  1. Hi All, I attempt to summarize the series of events. November 2020 - Contacted a local roofer for quotes on a full reroof including new gutters etc. Conversation including prices and work description was sent via facebook messages December 2020 - Work is started on the roof as per the agreed quotation. All work is finished bar the guttering, facias etc. Work stops just before Christmas with a promise to return after New Year to complete. 80% has been paid January 2020 - The roofer fails to return to complete and after numerous messages back and forth, excuses range from he has COVID, he is sick and he will be back next week / this week to finish the work February 2020 - Messages continue to be sent to the roofer, with limited to no replies. As of today the last reply was on the 11th February advising he was still sick but would instruct another company to complete the work. Following this I have sent numerous messages to establish who and when would be completing the work to receive no reply The benefit of facebook messenger it is shows when messages have been delivered and read, so I can confirm that he has received and read every message I have sent. I have also found posts on facebook from around 20th January where he is actively seeking more work. The 20% not paid does not cover the cost I will have to pay to find another roofer to come and finish work, so I suspect I will be out of pocket We have also noticed over the last month, that because the work is not finished properly the house is not water tight and we are starting to see signs of water entry. We have a 2 year old and are concerned about area of the house becoming damp. My questions are: 1. Do I continue to keep chasing him? If so for how long do I continue? 2. Should I look to seek court action if I have to pay out further monies to have the work completed? 3. If I do look to take court action and it turns out he has been isolating due to COVID, would this reflect badly on me or affect my chances of winning? 4. Am I at a disadvantage because all communication has been done over messenger, instead of getting written/email quotes and invoices? 5. Is there anything else I should be doing? Thanks If anyone could give me any help I'd really appreciate
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