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  1. Please do not judge me that there are 15 debts with DCA. They were accumulated when I was in an abusive relationship and he used my credit, unbeknown to me. I have been dealing with significant metal illness since this in 2018 and I am now in a place where I feel I can deal with it. The current DCA are Cabot, Debt Managers, Lowell and Intrum. There is no way that I can afford to pay off £15k of debt, I earn an average wage with the usual rent, bills and childcare of £600 a month. Someone recommended the 3 letter process and CCA request but it is all a bit over my head. Is the 3 letter process worth doing? I would like a mortgage at some point in my life and I fear that this has destroyed all of my chances of ever owning a home. Any suggestions or support would be greatly appreciated, it's a very embarrassing topic for me to open up about but I want to deal with it now. Many thanks
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