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  1. Thank you very much. It’s not all that different then from things at this side of the Channel.
  2. I wasn’t really familiar with this terminology and searched it on the internet. To clarify again - I am NOT residing in the UK - I purchased the product on the internet with a business located in the UK, charged in £ - I do NOT own/represent any business, transaction is as a private individual http://www.warmerideas.com
  3. No, I am a private party, not a business and yes I am not a domestic customer. The item was purchased and paid for before the Brexit. I don’t know if UK law allows me post the name of that business here, in Belgium that can get you into trouble. Your advice on that is appreciated.
  4. I purchased a towel dryer (£1000) from a webshop in the UK (Staffordshire) from Belgium. The webshop doesn’t deliver anything, is very hard to contact by phone. Emails are invariably replied to with excuses and bogus answers. Credit card claims this is a commercial dispute, not fraud and doesn't want to assist whatsoever. Can someone advise me how I go about here to get my money back?
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