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  1. On the paperwork that was in the van on delivery its states the seller as AXA Commerial. It also has the name of the owner, which is a large company and not an individual. I know that Copart are the ones who receive the vehicle to there yard and take the pictures. I'll start reading the link regards small claims. Is this the only option left? Or maybe trying to contact someone at head office rather than the manager of this branch of copart? Thanks.
  2. The vehicle was sold by Copart after it was passed to them by AXA Commercial. I know this as there was paperwork in the van stating not just the insurer but also the name and contact of the previous owner (does this break GDRP rules?). Copart take on the sale and this involves them taking pictures and describing the van. They also add their fee to the final sale price. Does this mean I should reject the email i had from them today and continue pushing for a refund? How should i go about it? I feel that there t&c's means that its down to me to complete a HPI check on the vehicle
  3. Right, so as it stands this is whats has happened. 4th February: Win at auction a van from Copart Wolverhampton. 6th February: Pay via bank transfer. 9th February: The van is collected and delivered to me by a transporter. I notice mileage is not the same as the description or the picture of the odometer. 10th February: Call Copart and complain. Told to write an email. 11th February: Send email complaining about the mileage. 12th February: No reply from email so call them again to be told it takes a couple of days to get
  4. From the paperwork I have it would appear to have been sold by copart on behalf of AXA commercial. Why would a bank transfer be a problem? Could you give me an idea of how my letter to them should read? Thanks for your help.
  5. It came from Copart. A big seller of salvage vehicles all over the country. They hold auctions regularly during the week selling lots of different vehicles. The van arrived Tuesday evening on a transporter. I noticed then that the mileage was not the same as the picture. On Wednesday I called them but was told we had to complain via email so on Thursday morning we sent an email. Today we called them again because we hadn't had a reply email, they said it can take a couple of days to get back to you. I won the auction last Thursday and paid via bank transfer on the Sat
  6. Hi, I have just taken delivery of a salvage van after winning it via a copart auction. The trouble is that when the van turned up it's mileage was around 54,900miles and not the 20,500miles that was stated on the advert. The advert also had a picture of the dash which also read 20,500miles. I have contacted copart by phone but was told I needed to send an email, which I have but with no reply as of yet. I don't want a van with this mileage, i wanted one with no more then 25,000miles. I was wondering how I stand legally? I h
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