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  1. That's so true - definitely sit in the van waiting for the worst moment haha! I agree with you, apart from the on-demand delivery companies I've tried which are still under the radar right now, the best is usually either DHL or DPD. Yeah I think Hermes' market share/volumes could be a double edge sword for them, especially with rapid growth of online vs offline for the retailers they're working with.
  2. As avid online shoppers, myself and my other half have had our fair share of really bad delivery experiences. Rant #1: Why does the driver ALWAYS knock on the door when I'm in the middle of something!? Even during a COVID-19 lockdown and being stuck at home, the door still goes when I'm either on a Zoom call or in the bathroom and I get no warning at all!! Rant #2: I'm really impatient. I understand that products are in a warehouse miles away but can I not have my order delivered on the same day everywhere I shop? Perhaps my expectations are far too high but I've seen so many com
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