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  1. @Jamberson Thanks for your reply. It's from Tower Hamlets council. It's a 52M as @dx100uk states.
  2. Hi All, Need some help here please. I received a PCN on the 29/06/2020 for entering a restricted area. However the images shown were not of my car, I asked them to provide me of proof of my vehicle. My appeals were constantly ignored and I kept receiving further increased fines. I decided to ring them, I mentioned that there is video footage but it does not open. The guy I spoke with told me that the PCN was actually taken back by the company and cancelled but then they changed their mind. They told me I could not speak with the officer in charge as it is likely he won't want to talk to me but it was his decision. I kept appealing online but my appeals all got disregarded with what I was asking for. I asked them on many occasions to provide video footage. Then one day when I logged on, the video footage was uploaded by them. They demanded that I paid the increased amount of £195. I tried to appeal it. Again ignored. Now the letters state that I have 21 days to pay £203 and if I don't then they have an order to recover the costs. I have attached the events from their website. Thank you so much, Layla Tower Hamlets-converted.pdf
  3. Hi All, My mum used to care for a lady who had dementia and has now sadly passed away. Whilst on a trip to the retail park to collect something for her, my mum parked in a disabled bay, clearly displaying the ladies disabled badge which was double checked as my mum walked away. Unfortunately the lady the did not like her photo badge on display as she panics about people knowing her identity based on past experiences, she removed it from the dash board but my mum was unaware this happened. She then got a ticket and tried to appeal but they told her she needs to pay, she has even provided them with proof that she has the disabled badge and yet they still require her to pay. Can someone please help us here, what rights does she have? The appeal went against her and was directed to an independent appeal service, which was recommended by the issuing fine company. Both parties during this whole process has completely disregarded any mention of dementia which is the reason why she moved the badge. The company have now passed this over to a debt collecting agency to pay or threatened her to face court action. I want to take this to court but want everyone's advice. Thank you so much, Layla
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