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  1. Hi there, just wanted to update this thread. Eight months since initially told account has terminated and no contact except for three automated statements. No threats or demands, so that’s good. I’m at the point in the year when I would’ve ordinarily deferred. I expect you’ll say it would be a daft idea, since it would set back any potential future SB status, but just checking you don’t think there’s any merit in sending another old SLC form, or doing anything else at this stage besides what I’ve been doing which is to sit quietly. I must say I expected them to start hassling me.
  2. Just for the record: no acknowledgement by Erudio of deferment on SLC form sent and received by them recorded delivery six weeks ago. Now three separate statements of arrears arrived by post today for each of my three loans. Amounts as was when informed they’d terminated my account in January. Guess I’ll just ignore.
  3. Thank you. I think I’ll write telling them I don’t accept or acknowledge, ask for my original signed agreements and put in a backdated SLC deferment. And see what happens. Will carry on reading and ask questions if necessary if that’s ok x
  4. Yes, well about four months late I think (in a lockdown, in a pandemic, not that that should bother them) but no, arrears now are since beginning of October ‘20 I think - about £500 Questions: are they within their rights to terminate? Guess it looks like they are but... what are rules and protocols surrounding this and have they been followed? Can they refuse an attempt to backdate deferral? Can they produce evidence of my original signed agreements? will they ever attempt to put through a CCJ for this? They know apart from anything that I am on universal credit so even after this would only I assume get a pretty measly monthly payment off me) Sorry I realise you say you think it unlikely to go anywhere in court
  5. My time to defer was usually September october. Most recent one (2020) was the one late/missed/overlooked, Last one they received from me, completed online, would’ve been October 19
  6. Sorry, a question because I can’t see readily anywhere else and I may not quite understand the technicalities, would you assume that I am not statute barred if I’ve been deferring, albeit online rather than in writing, every year? That constitutes accepting the debt? Last time I physically deferred on paper may have been 2014 . Before I write or send a paper backdated signed SLC form
  7. Thank you. I don’t know if I’m being muddy headed. I have had no other debt to speak of so not even overly familiar with terms. But I’m finding it hard to get a handle on whether they are legally entitled to claim this money and whether this all drawing it out since eventually a court judgement would find me owing, and whether by that time total will have increased And won’t they just refuse old deferment form saying too late account closed your right to deferment finished? What is point in sending?
  8. Thank you. It’s just confusing trying to work out exactly how to respond and how they may progress. Presumably there’s no chance of them ever getting 6500 quid of me and they know that
  9. Hi sorry, not helpful to this but have been reading your other threads. Have you ever had confirmation whether Erudio are allowed to take away your right to have loan wiped after 25 years even if they’ve terminated. Guy at CAB says they can’t but thought you might know. Sorry to bother you if you don’t. Any other advice to my thread welcome if you have a sec x
  10. You’re saying Erudio don’t care about original T&Cs? What I want to know is what are the rules on how much notice of termination (due to lateness or failure to defer) they are required to give Also have people in my position eventually been issued a CCJ?
  11. Have spoken with CAB just for their opinion. They advise first of all requesting original Terms and Conditions . That legally the 98 ones should hold as a condition of the sale from SLC. For a start the CAB guy seemed to think it was wrong that as a result of the account being terminated I lose the right to have the debt written off after 25 years. He also thinks it’s 25 years after signing last loan agreement (2000 in my case) rather than end of studies.
  12. The fact that they could demand payment in full if deferrals not made every 12 months? I.e lateness? And they’ll say they sent enough notices that went ignored? But who decides the cut off point? Them?
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