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  1. Hello, I thought i will update you on this. I heard back from P2G today that they have approved the claim for £300 which is great but they haven't included the postal costs. When I viewed the claim it doea say theh will cover the postage costs too but that will be sent to the original method of payment. I shall be waiting to see the money in my account and will let you know. Thanks for the help anyways.
  2. So I thought I will try P2G chat for one last time before proceeding with the small claim. The claims team on the chat (it took almost 45 min to get through to them!) have confirmed the case is in queue to be approved by a supervisor. The agent also said that thw compensation is put for £300 plus postage. I will wait until mid week perhaps Wednesday and if I hear nothing then i shall be proceeding with the claim. Will keep you posted.
  3. So the long story is I booked the service of Fedex Express via Parcel2Go and the parcel was supposed to be at destination on 25th of January. On 27th, I used the chat service with P2Go and they opened a claim. I have paid the cover which I know understand is a trick!, for £300 which is the value of my parcel. I have submitted all the required information onto their portal but since then they have been sending me couple of emails that said the documents are rejected and when I check the portal, the documents are accepted. So I spoke to P2G through their chat and they keep saying they are waiting for the courier to come back to them. I called Fedex who then after a battle agreed to respond to my questions about this claim (According to them, as I booked the service through P2G, they can't tell me anything due to GDPR!). Fedex is saying they have settled this from their end with $100 and when I said I paid for a £300 cover they said I should take it with P2G directly. P2G are not responding to my emails and I can't get to them through their chat either so I guess yes I will be looking into putting a small claim unless you advice me with something else? Thanks a lot for your reply. You are really helping here. I will be donating something soon :)
  4. Thank you @BankFodderfor the reply. I have read the other threads and would really appreciate a fuller reply too. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, I'm seeking advice on what to do here. I sent a parcel that contains an electrical appliance and it is worth £300 I booked Fedex express via parcel2go and paid for the full cover of £300 if it is lost. It was lost and fedex confirmed to me that they went back to parcel2go and advised to pay me $100 as this the maximum they cover. I have an open claim worth parcel2go and submitted all the documents but didn't hear back from them at all. Every time i speak to their help chat they say they are waiting for the courier to come back to them. The courier is saying they have resolved it from their end. My question i s there any way i can take them to court as this is taking so much time and energy from me and I'm not getting anywhere with them. Also, if I paid for protection of £300 shouldn't fedex pay that? Thanks in advance
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