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  1. Hi.. OK I have checked Trustonline and there is nothing there.. I had a company that was dissolved and it was operated by my ex on my behalf - so I was worried that maybe some taxes etc were left unpaid. Looking at Companies House nothing is listed as being disqualified in my name so I assume it was all closed down without issue.. Is there a way to found out from HMRC/Income Tax etc if anything is outstanding ? Many thanks..
  2. Hi all.. Some advice is needed - so apologies if this is in the wrong sub-forum... I'm planning to return to the UK after a lengthy stay overseas (17yrs) and would like to confirm if there is anything outstanding in my name debt wise. To be honest I think there was some areas that weren't completely wrapped up when I left.. This I know as some close relatives told me about some calls to them (they have the same surname and live in the same town) from agencies trying to locate me, this being a couple years after I'd moved overseas.. I understand the Credit Reference Scoring drops off after 6 yrs. Using credit scoring checks is no good as I'm unable to prove my identity online to them as I'm still overseas. What about CCJs or HMRC etc ? How do I confirm if anything is outstanding there ? How do I investigate across the board ? Many thanks for any pointers !
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