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  1. Hi thanks for the advice, the legal route is definitely something that we were considering, but we've never 'taken someone to court' and are completely clueless when it comes to the process. I will get a copy of the written complaint posted here by tomorrow and I will discuss with my partner when I finish work tonight and have a look at the links you've provided. Would it be helpful for you to see the final response we received from motonovo in regards to the complaint we made to them? Many thanks
  2. Sorry again, I did write a reply-not sure what's happened to it. It's a Honda civic 63 plate Mileage was 59k when we purchased it-not completely sure what it would be now as I haven't seen the car for 5 months and I have no idea if it's been driven. But I can get the mileage from the mot from July 20 if needed The car was bought on hire purchase and the cost was 5279.00. Thanks
  3. Hi apologies I've never posted on this forum before and wasn't sure if there was limited amount of space to write. The car was bought on hire purchase Thanks
  4. Finance company is motonovo and dealership is Bcm prestige cars in leicester
  5. Bit of a long one... We bought a used car on finance in dec2019, we went into lockdown not long after so didn't use the car for a few months, when we came to use it in the summer the aircon didn't work and a local garage found that the compressor was cracked and told us to take it back to the garage we bought it from. The retailer eventually agreed to fix it using 1000.00 from the warranty we bought and we had to pay 800.00 as they wanted to replace the whole aircon unit not just fix the broken part. They spent the next 3 months aug-oct waiting on parts etc then finally told
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