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  1. Quick update guys......... defence went well, answered all judges questions. he’s referred it to trial in April.
  2. Thank you for your email, I am now out of the office until 11 February 2021. Typical
  3. Thanks mate, I will await his reply. Bet he wasn’t expecting this the day before the SJ!
  4. Just try and get something sorted before you end up in the situation I’m in. Just got up from nights and now I’m the process of complaints to FCA and SRA. Rgaine they have certainly not gone through the Dubai courts to get to where they are today so that’s what I’m going in with.
  5. I replied my defence to the court via my Mac, sent it via pages and they couldn’t open it. they filed the CCJ without telling me until I got a letter. Got it rescinded though
  6. Hi Andy, I have asked that both cases be looked at the same time. My wife has give a statement for the upcoming SJ Just looked at the email I sent to the court and I have added my wife to the witness list for the SJ on the 11th.
  7. Hi Andy, on nights tonight but will go back through the bundle of paperwork I have at home tomorrow. Of course they had the time to worm their fee out
  8. I have a link to whats smash with all documents for the hearing if that helps. Sorry from smash
  9. All I’ve had from the courts DX is dates and changes in which court it’s going to be heard at. Thanks mate, all feeling a bit real now and I know I’ve probably left it all too late! Might get on to the FCA tomorrow and let him know what I’m doing. Does this company have any jurisdiction to take me to court? I cant see it myself.
  10. n244 N260 Claimants N260 Statement of costs.pdf N244.pdf
  11. What about it I upload as a document instead of a picture
  12. Thanks DX, on nights tonight as I work in the fire brigade, but I’ll be honest I haven’t really had much from the courts. It’s all come from IDRWW, had a huge pack of paperwork to go through, probably 200 pages of BS. it was the solicitor who wanted an extension for them to get together witness statements, as they don’t have any for the SJ on Thursday. I just don’t feel they have a leg to stand on on the UK court system .
  13. Cheers rgaine. What sort of tact do you think I should take with this on Thursday?
  14. Dear Mr. , The extension of time is in relation to witness statements for trial, which if my client’s application for summary judgment is successful will not be required. This extension of time does not impact upon my client’s summary judgment hearing which is still to go ahead on 11.02.21. Accordingly, I should be grateful if you can forward a copy of your defence under proceedings ..... I look forward to hearing from you. I just feel that if I go on with the fact that I would be willing to cooperate with the central bank in the UAE about that the hell is going in, they might just let me do that.
  15. I know I have left it late, haven’t really known where to turn if I’m being honest with you They don’t have any witness statements
  16. Thanks DX. So do you think they are just chancing their luck here?
  17. Hi Andy, I have submitted all witness statements, my partner too and we have also filed our defence. Think they are hoping that I’m a litigant person and think I won’t put together a strong case against them
  18. I have no idea bits it’s happening. I can tell you the name of the solicitor from IDRWW if that helps? I’ve tried to upload a screen shot from my phone but it won’t allow me to upload it on to here.
  19. Most of the information they have on me is incorrect and none of the pages are stamped and signed by a member of the bank.
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