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  1. Sorry Andy, haven’t been on here for a while. You can appeal the judgment.
  2. It’s simple, you need to get legal representation, especially someone in consumer law. I have and she’s great
  3. And that’s exactly why you need sound legal advice and representation.........it’s a minefield!
  4. Andy, it’s not just about you guys looking through stuff and preparing, which is mighty good of you. It’s about having someone of a legal mind to represent you on the day, it’s a mind field and why solicitors train for many many years.
  5. That’s good for you! I’m afraid mine went way past that stage.
  6. I cannot stress enough the importance of getting legal advice to anyone that is taken to an SJ by IDR. They use well equipped solicitors and I was over my head and well out of my depth. Get legal advice people, don’t try and do this on your own!
  7. I will appeal it with legal council this time! That’s my advice to anyone on here!
  8. Lost the trial and given till the end of June to pay £14k! Not a good day yesterday. I will fight it though!
  9. Might be a bit late as I’m in court Monday morning! Tell me more though, as the more I have for Monday the better
  10. 2 SJ’s rejected, meant to be in court Monday but they’ve requested an oral judgment.
  11. So, Emirates NBD have now asked for another court to look at an SJ. This time Manchester, these guys really don’t want to go to court IMO!
  12. Do they defo have to buy the debt? According to Chris Letheren they don’t!!!!!
  13. Apologies, been super busy at work. yes I did.......... Dear Mr ...... In line with CPR 31.11 and an ongoing duty of disclosure, our client intends to rely upon the expert report of Mr Ian Edge dated 26.11.20. A copy is attached for your reference. Kind Regards Chris Letheren The Island Moor Road Chesham Bucks HP5 1NZ t: +44 (0)1494 911090 www.idrww.com This was after I sent an email to someone called Mirabela at Emirates NBD!
  14. I’ve been asking Mr Letheren for the banks details, so I can speak directly to them! Seems to now be ignoring me
  15. It is mate, also included his cv!!!!! It wasn’t Chris Letheren who represented the claimant on the day.
  16. They didn’t have a clue about any laws in Dubai, they just referred to the credit agreement and some expert witness called Mr edge
  17. I’m sure it won’t go that far if I’m being honest. if it does it gives me a chance to defend myself, they stated in the banks t&c’s that any debt in the uae can be tried here.
  18. Quick update guys......... defence went well, answered all judges questions. he’s referred it to trial in April.
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