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  1. just my poor knowledge of consumer action. Thanks for the advice will pursue with my bank.
  2. So you think a LBA, and MCOL directly to the gym is overkill to achieve the refund for the last three months?
  3. Thanks for the prompt reply. This is a boutique gym (www.mvmt42.com) in West Sussex. To my knowledge this is the only site they operate. They charge monthly against a registered card, and include a three month notice in the contract. Payment type by DD is not offered. So I guess it a rolling three month contract. My issue here is the payments have already been collected. I have disputed with them January's payment as lockdown was imposed again and the services offered are radically different that what I signed up for (I.e. full gym access with equipment and coached cl
  4. Hi, was hoping some of the learned members here would be able to help me understand my position better with respects to a gym contract I have and the Law Reform (Frustrated Contracts) Act 1943. In November 2020 as the second national lockdown measures were announced, I was unwilling to continue to pay membership for a service I was unable to receive. The gym notice period was three months. I tried to speak to the owners regarding the fact that throughout November no services were being provided but they would not budge and held me to the three month notice to exit the contract. I subseq
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