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  1. The Bell Inn, Watling Street Brewood, Stafford, ST19 9LN That is the address which is on his account. IT IS CAR DEALERS CLUB LTD
  2. Saturday evening I have already wrote a letter and been in contact with police and trading standards I will be in contact with citizens advice to I just want a refund but he refuses to co-operate !!
  3. He was very rude he has blocked me on everything I am unable to get through to him I have been in contact with trading standards and the police I just want to make sure this gets noticed so others don’t make the same mistake as I have he has scammed out of thousands!!
  4. Hi I write this post in absolute distraught and in tears I am in a very difficult and tough place being a single parent to Saturday evening I bought a car from a car dealer online, the car was advertised as being amazing full service history all working as it should . Esa Khalid who is the owner of this company CDC LIMTED 1 has numerous of other used cars for sale all over the Internet. I paid £5000 with a bank transfer into his business account . The car was delivered late night the battery on the car was dead and the delivery drive
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