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  1. I forgot to say above that the engine had a full rebuild which included all the gaskets and a new battery. I'm raging ATM. Do I need 1 or 2 Vat receipt's??
  2. Hi all, I had the RAC collect my R50 Mini after it broke down whilst trying to go though the Blackwall tunnel. The Midlands gearbox died and the front wheels were stuck in gear. I was collected without an issue and taken to a garage but things changed a few days later. Because they didn't have the room to store it whilst it was waiting to be fixed. Here's my drama: RAC got a sub-contractor to collect my mini from the garage and take it to my storage unit which was 3x miles away. The recovery driver arrived and claimed to have "NO chocks" so dragged the car onto his truck. The front axle looked like it was going to snap due to the force applied to the locked up wheels. He then drove me and the mini to my storage location & more damage was caused by this idiot!! He tried using gravity to get my mini off the rear but that didn't work. I told him to wait and I'd get a friend with a fork truck. Which can lift it off. He said "Yeah not a problem". I popped to get my mukka but started hearing loads of high engine revving from the main road. I went back to see what was going on. I found this (removed) idiot had found his chocks and placed them under the rear?? A Mini is a front wheel drive car !! He was also shaking it off the rear of his recovery truck by using force. Driving forwards and driving in reverse fast and hitting the brakes. He did this three times before I got to him and the car was forced off the rear of the truck. I told him to stop and my mates popped round to corner to help. This recovery driver drove off without giving my any paperwork and has broke the car!! All the engine oil is all over the road, the electronics won't work and the car refuses to start. NO lights on the dash like before this idiot touched it. RAC was a VAT receipt which is fine but now I have a car which is ! It only needed a new clutch and gearbox! Now the repair bill is going to be massive. WHERE DO I STAND ON THIS BECAUSE THESE IDIOTS NEED TO REPAIR THEIR STUPID EMPLOYEE'S DAMAGE, TO MY CAR.
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