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  1. I guess you are right about 'theres other orgs..' However, you asking me again and again to post the name and when I said no you go on to ask me to post a link to trustpilot - how is that different?? The bottom line: Millions of people have been helped on the net/media etc without naming the outfit. It is the scenarios, the circumstances and if you live is england/scotland etc as laws slightly different. On many sites I've read a mass of good advice on cars, property, wills, hols, etc etc and how people wehre having problems with EG travel agents,
  2. Fair enough. However, they have enough negative feedback not to give a flying ....... I've done my research and other than FENSA they do not belong to any other sceme and the owners are ..... otherwise they would not keep on nasty, rude staff they make threats to people. Thanks anyway ps - mistake we made was not looking up Trsutpilot reviews as there was a genuine pattern of behaviour there.
  3. Thanks. Why does that matter? I don't want to name them as I'm preparing my options. As I stated, the only org they are affiliated to is FENSA. Even I thought they could help but the don't help with conservatories. This outfit does not belong to any other regulated body. Thanks
  4. Hey The above was installed about three years ago. We had a few minor problems and they were sorted after many calls and no show appointments. Recent months, around Aug last year leak down side of the consv, took many emails and phone calls to get them over. They did a bodge job by painting a water sealer. I was not there just our adult daughter as they turned up early. I accepted the repair as I'd had enough of the stress Recent events, leak started same side, took dozens of emails and phone calls and we had to endure abuse from two o
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