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  1. Christmas Party ALL WELCOME The Flying Standard - Coventry 7pm - Saturday 10th November 2007 Weatherspoons 2–10 Trinity Street Coventry West Midlands CV1 1FL Attendees from Penaltycharges, LB, RUC, CCS, CAG and PAG... Nearby Accommodation IBIS - £49.00 double room - http://www.ibishotel.com/ibis/ficheh...he_hotel.shtml Mile lane - CV1 2LN - COVENTRY - UNITED KINGDOM Tel : (+44)2476/250500 Fax : (+44)2476/553548 OTHER HOTELS AVAILABLE MAP (PUB Location)
  2. Hi PJ Good Luck Did you ever get the bundle through from YB ? Let us know how it goes Phil Jules
  3. PMSL Well he does own a Burton Fish Snowboard worth $200 - so he's clearly completely sane
  4. Again ..... have made some space just for you Sally Jules
  5. I think you will find, if you care to ask Summersausage, that she/he has nothing to do with the 'new' site, which has nearly 500 members. She/he is 'close' to the moderators of this site. And no, it isn't their first post. I believe they were quite involved in a thread about a hunting ban ?? HERE (think this proves they are nothing to do with LB ) The site, LB, is not commercial and does not make any one a 'few bucks'. Its a smaller friendly forum which has a good ethos and good members. The site believes in all sites working together towards the common goal and being able to share i
  6. Hi Beliville I do think your letter is too long, and the judge will probably pass out before he gets the the part which might help you get your stay overturned - ie your personal circumstances. You seem to have a good argument for hardship. Your formal application can hold all the Human Rights issues once you are at local court - dont forget he will see this letter first - if the judge deems you need apply. It needs sorting out and I think you need to make more of the benefits issues. Imagine how many letters MCOL are getting...your original draft is a lot more likely to actual
  7. My apologies , it is a name I have called her in previous posts , it was intended as light hearted banter and will PM summersausage to apologise and edit the name on the other posts i made months ago.
  8. I think so SummerSausage but its spelled L E G A L B A G E L S and if you add www. at the beginning and .info at the end it takes you to their website thank you for the plug.
  9. I Agree 100% Sally . Fortunately the majority of knowledgeable people on this forum who help others and freely offer their support and advice are not reliant on titles and badges. It is a shame many of these people do not get recognised for their commitment and hard work, however I am sure Hagenuk will continue, whatever his colour.I am also a great believer in quality not quantity of post counts . I am still in contact with Hagenuk , his help and advice continues to shine as always .
  10. Thank you Choco. I look forward to receiving your PM.
  11. I think it is a shame that CAG no longer has HagenUK on the team - I am sure he has his reasons for leaving, and I sincerely hope that he will continue to post and share his knowledge and assistance with the members of this, and other, forums.
  12. Thank you Peter, for the confirmation - It is appreciated. Jules
  13. Hi there - sorry to butt in with a simple question. Current account overdrafts are not covered by part V of the CCA 1974. (although classed as running credit) Hence s.77 s.61 etc don't apply. Is that correct and is there a quick reference to the facts ? Thank you Jules
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