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  1. Christmas Party ALL WELCOME The Flying Standard - Coventry 7pm - Saturday 10th November 2007 Weatherspoons 2–10 Trinity Street Coventry West Midlands CV1 1FL Attendees from Penaltycharges, LB, RUC, CCS, CAG and PAG... Nearby Accommodation IBIS - £49.00 double room - http://www.ibishotel.com/ibis/ficheh...he_hotel.shtml Mile lane - CV1 2LN - COVENTRY - UNITED KINGDOM Tel : (+44)2476/250500 Fax : (+44)2476/553548 OTHER HOTELS AVAILABLE MAP (PUB Location) __________________
  2. Hi PJ Good Luck Did you ever get the bundle through from YB ? Let us know how it goes Phil Jules
  3. PMSL Well he does own a Burton Fish Snowboard worth $200 - so he's clearly completely sane
  4. Again ..... have made some space just for you Sally Jules
  5. I think you will find, if you care to ask Summersausage, that she/he has nothing to do with the 'new' site, which has nearly 500 members. She/he is 'close' to the moderators of this site. And no, it isn't their first post. I believe they were quite involved in a thread about a hunting ban ?? HERE (think this proves they are nothing to do with LB ) The site, LB, is not commercial and does not make any one a 'few bucks'. Its a smaller friendly forum which has a good ethos and good members. The site believes in all sites working together towards the common goal and being able to share information with other sites is a part of that. Penalty Charges, Consumer Credit Support, Reclaim Unfair Charges all have smaller memberships than CAG and people settle where they feel most comfortable in the knowledge advice will not be withheld from them just because it happens to have come from another site. Working together is more powerful than working apart. Summersausage is under the impression that HagenUK is involved with LB, and appears to believe this is a bad thing.... HagenUK has worked hard for CAG for many months and has helped many many people, as Little Sally testifies. Maybe compare HagenUKs posts with those of Summersausage -and Rooster - and make your own mind up.
  6. Hi Beliville I do think your letter is too long, and the judge will probably pass out before he gets the the part which might help you get your stay overturned - ie your personal circumstances. You seem to have a good argument for hardship. Your formal application can hold all the Human Rights issues once you are at local court - dont forget he will see this letter first - if the judge deems you need apply. It needs sorting out and I think you need to make more of the benefits issues. Imagine how many letters MCOL are getting...your original draft is a lot more likely to actually be seen and be considered. Please feel free to PM me. Just my opinion. Jules PS. Yes copy the letter to [problem]. ''Dear Sir/Madam, Claim XXXXXX I would be grateful for your time in this matter. You have granted the defendants a stay in the above case and I am writing to you in the hope that you will either lift the stay or transfer my case to my local county court, this being Croydon county court for hearing. I object to the order of stay and submit that there is good reason why my case should be allowed to proceed to trial in advance of the final determination of the OFT case. The grounds for such objections are set out as follows. I am a 37year old single mother living on Widowed Parents allowance, Child benefit and child tax credit. My husband died 25th May 2007 after a very long and distressing illness. The charges I am claiming were all taken from My/Our benefit payments and at time left us with no money for food and resulted in us having to ask our families for help, on several occasions. When my husband died I immediately informed the bank that I was going to experience even more financial hardship as a result of this and asked for their help. None was forthcoming. My family’s income dropped from £**** to £**** per month upon my husband’s death. In fact since informing them they have added charges to the sum of £1361.93 to my accounts.( Enclose a schedule of charges for your attention) I am unable to work due to ill health, partly as a result of caring for my late husband. I am awaiting treatment at the Neuro-rehab clinic at the *********. QUOTE THE FSA HARDSHIP EXCLUSION FROM WAIVER ETC I strongly believe that a stay may potentially mean great difficulty for me and my family and yet be insignificant for the defendant bank. In fact a stay is supportive of the banks litigation strategy which is to frustrate justice by repeatedly taking the claimant to the door of the court and then to settle the claim. ''
  7. My apologies , it is a name I have called her in previous posts , it was intended as light hearted banter and will PM summersausage to apologise and edit the name on the other posts i made months ago.
  8. I think so SummerSausage but its spelled L E G A L B A G E L S and if you add www. at the beginning and .info at the end it takes you to their website thank you for the plug.
  9. I Agree 100% Sally . Fortunately the majority of knowledgeable people on this forum who help others and freely offer their support and advice are not reliant on titles and badges. It is a shame many of these people do not get recognised for their commitment and hard work, however I am sure Hagenuk will continue, whatever his colour.I am also a great believer in quality not quantity of post counts . I am still in contact with Hagenuk , his help and advice continues to shine as always .
  10. Thank you Choco. I look forward to receiving your PM.
  11. I think it is a shame that CAG no longer has HagenUK on the team - I am sure he has his reasons for leaving, and I sincerely hope that he will continue to post and share his knowledge and assistance with the members of this, and other, forums.
  12. Thank you Peter, for the confirmation - It is appreciated. Jules
  13. Hi there - sorry to butt in with a simple question. Current account overdrafts are not covered by part V of the CCA 1974. (although classed as running credit) Hence s.77 s.61 etc don't apply. Is that correct and is there a quick reference to the facts ? Thank you Jules
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