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  1. Thank you so much @DX100uk! you made me feel so much better! Even 2 months on and i still cant forget what happened. I hope it remains a hidden secret and Noone finds out!! neither would i ever take a single thing without paying. i had received 2 letters from some people thank god you had told me about them before!! Or i would of had a heart attack again! will they send bailiffs to the house as threatened? are they able to? i dont want my mother knowing as its her address they have thank you again so much.
  2. I know i am an awful human being. I am a mother i am so so ashamed. i am so lucky police were not called so so lucky!!!! i had a moment of madness complete and utter madness! I had a full trolley of shopping. ugh i hate myself so much. i cant stop thinking of the event yesterday. keep replaying my thought process of just walking out!!! managers were very firm and rightly so but so nice as they didnt call the police!!! they gave me a letter which i must of left there accidentally. I dont know what it said she asked for my id i gave her my dri
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