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  1. unclebulgaria. why would they need to do multiple people with no realistic chance of getting money to prove a point? Here they have someone who posts under their real name on a forum that they (IDR) watch and can simply make an example of him, easy.
  2. I wonder what is there motivation here? I remember you said you had no assets or am I imagining this?
  3. What about the various bodies you've been talking to who have said IDR can't do naff all?
  4. @rgaine...it's quite possible if you had a bit property they could get their hands on they'd be all over you.
  5. I dont know the specifics but do know the solicitors and they gave me a few examples of victories against various Uae banks and what the reason was they won. They didnt explain any further so there is not much I can give you as they simply said once you get a legal letter to contact them. I have the name of them of course but am not allowed to put it up here - the reasons looked to me like they would apply to anyone who was in the situation of owning a dubai bank. ie the ts and cs when tested are not acceptable
  6. Found a good solicitor who have defeated these UAE cases in a number ways. 'unfair relationship', ts and cs illegible etc.
  7. 2 rejected! nice one...what was the reason for the rejection? they seem very persistent with you!! well done for fighting them off so far
  8. Hi Under04 Has there been any further update on your situation? cheers dubai 5 0
  9. underp04 hey there, what was the main line of your defence?
  10. Looking through my old emails (I hadn't received one from IDR for a while and assumed they'd just gone quiet) and I notice that I'd received a couple direct from the bank in dubai making offers with discounts etc. does this suggest IDR handed back the account or am I reading too much into it? previously when the bank stopped sending me mails was when I started receiving them from IDR
  11. thanks Brazzer69. I will go with your suggestion at the bottom.
  12. many thanks DX I will do follow this advice. one comment on what I've read on here. IDR / the banks seem to rely on the non exclusive jurisdiction clause. However surely that would mean once its been through court here, it would no longer be active in UAE. Of course that is not how they work ie they would go for both UK and UAE if you ever returned. Is there not a way of highlighting and fighting there use of this clause on that basis?
  13. thanks for the reply dx. I can send a letter to the UAE direct to the collections department. You never know with these places they are so poorly organised. You'd recommend this rather than sending it to IDR? Also what evidence should I retain of this?
  14. Hi I have a couple of credit card debts from Dubai, one of which I'm getting hassled about via email by IDR. They said they got my email details via a credit agency....(its the same email as the bank would've given them!) my thought is, that really we're in a stalemate. I have no assets and work as a freelance (ie they cant take any wages if it came to it) therefore why would they spend cash as its not their debt, to take me to court. and on top of that what would it achieve? Im sure im being simplistic but what have I got to actually fear? Thanks in advance dubai 5-0
  15. underp04. Hi there, thanks for your updates. its been really interesting. what was it that you did or said or why even, did the summary judgement attempt by IDRWW fail and it go to trial. It must mean there is some doubt? Im not a legal mind so would really like to know
  16. underp04 hi, they have been on my case as well but not to your let (yet). can you fill me in on your defence etc and how you persuaded the judge not to give them summary judgement. cheers
  17. the overdraft is probably through the monthly charge for the account which kicks in in accounts that are left open without salaries being paid in.
  18. So what was it you said that helped stopped the summary judgement?
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