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  1. Thank you, so definitely no need to contact debt recovery plus? I have received the letter back from smart parking saying I need to do that, but now I am a little confused. Do I respond or do I now wait it out until I hear further?
  2. Thank you. So where do I go to now? Also, should I be replying to the 30 day 'letter before claim' letter? Or is the letter to both smart parking and cst law enough?
  3. Hello all, I have had a response to the SAR request today and within this I can see the letter due to be sent out and this is what it says.. Have removed the link, its best not to use image hosting sites as anyone can view, I have converted it to pdf for you BN DRP.pdf
  4. Thank you so much. So send this as a letter to both CST Law and Smart Parking LTD? I will take to the post office and obtain proof of postage (not recorded)
  5. I know i have had all the paperwork out etc and i can only find the ones after it The address is: Metro Bank, 50 Two Woods Ln, Brierley Hill, DY5 1TA
  6. I have attached a pic to show its height in comparison to cars I have the letters from zenith collection, drp and cst law but i cannot find the original letter although i remember it having two anpr images of my vehicle entering and leaving, so unfortunately I cannot fill out the sticky link
  7. Sign is lit, I just never saw it when I parked there. Now I have read the sign it says in place 24 hours a day, frustrating as I parked there at around 2am and left by 7am (visiting a family member in a time of need) and the business wasn't open and in no way did the parking of my car affect anything..
  8. Yeah sure thing, as soon as it goes dark this evening I will go and check for the signage I emailed smart and cst law on friday Thank you
  9. Hello all, sorry for my late reply. I have been looking through my paperwork and cannot for the life of me find the original parking charge letter or the one that came after it. If I recall, I had the original letter and then one or two more letters putting the price up and then offering a reduced charge if it was paid (the type of scary looking ones with red writing at the top) I do have all the letters from this since (from Zenith, DRP and CST Law) Where do I stand now? Thank you
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