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  1. Thanks for the rewrite Dave, I likes it a lot! I completely agree with that comment about signage, since maybe they've already had cases thrown out because of it & if they know that's one line I'll be attacking it might pull their claws. I also understand about not putting everything out there to start with. I did read a comment somewhere about Disclosure - (was it Section 31.14 or similar?) Would that be applicable in this sort of case? Just thinking ahead here, if it does go further - would a line like "I'm already preparing my Section 31 Disclosure request for
  2. Documents as requested. One is NTK and Final Notice letters for case of 10.11.19, the one I now have a LBC for. Please not the names - NTK addressed to Miss ...., everything else addressed to Mr..... Second are the images I have gathered regarding the location if they can be of assistance to anyone else as well. Our NTK's were issued in Nov 2019, by Dec 19th 2019 they had added the large one at the foot of the roadway. NTK+Final-10.11.19.pdf Rear of Gateway House Images.pdf
  3. Hi Gick, Thanks for your input. The original post did say Judge, so is that correct? I thought that it being a civil matter it would be a Magistrate and I am obviously incorrect. Would it be a JP? This is the reason I posted my intention, to make sure I don't make a mistake, which I thank everyone for! Regards, S Edited: Have just Googled County Court and I of course stand corrected. It is a Judge. Every day is a school day!
  4. Hi Dave, No, I didn't, as far as I remember. I had done some reading on MSE about this very company, but this new letter made me look again and coming across this forum Appeal for the 2nd one was done in her name, so letters are being sent to her. Just for completeness - 2nd Case: Date of Infringement - 15/11/2019 UKCPS NTK - dated 11/12/2019, so possibly received 19th/20th? I may not have appealed on the day I received it. Appeal 23/12/2019 - Rejection reply via email - 27/12/2019 - This one contains 4 x photos, whereas prior rejection doesn't.
  5. Hello folks, Just thought I'd throw my hat in the ring here after reading all the Forum posts and most excellent advice. 1 Date of the infringement 10/11/2019 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 9/12/2019 - 29 Days after, if my calculation is correct. I can scan if requested, but I'm sure you've seen one before. 3 Date received Unsure now, but possibly 11th/12th Dec 2019, since I've appealed and got a reply on 13th Dec 2019 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Prote
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