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  1. Thank you very much.Should I ask the uni for the paperwork now or wait to see if they pass it to a solicitor? will search for harwood and redwood. thanks again
  2. Apologies I hadn't seen that uploads need to be in PDF. I have received the attached letter from STA which I assume is a standard letter as I've never spoken to them on the phone. I'm not sure what they mean by 're-commence recovery action'? Do I just continue to ignore them? I have been in contact with the Uni who insist I need to pay the fees as I left the course after the first three weeks. They have not provided any evidence/documents that I signed an agreement to pay the fees or that I acknowledged that fees would be due if the course was left early. They referred
  3. Thanks again. Reading about the PAP and Letter of Claim I’m keen to understand the below highlighted in yellow. Am I correct in understanding that the creditor needs to confirm in the letter of claim that a written agreement exists and is available. (I assume an oral agreement isn’t relevant in this case.) Just trying to think ahead as to what my strategy is here if they do progress this. I suspect they may not have a signed agreement and/or that they failed to follow their own rules by allowing me to start the course without making any payments. I can’t seem to find com
  4. Thanks very much for this. I will read up on ‘letter of claim’. I assume I don’t lose anything and there are no negative consequences of ignoring them and waiting to see if a letter of claim ever comes? Out of interest does a letter of claim require evidence of the debt before it can be issued? thanks again for all your help.
  5. I have a terrible memory but here goes: how did you enrol. i don’t remember turned up during the enrolment period and enrolled? possibly but I really don’t remember if there was a form or something online - surely it’s the Uni that has to produce something I signed? how was it discussed you would pay for it? I don’t remember any discussions of how much it was or how I would pay. I started the course without ever paying anything. how old were you? I was 22 From what I read online STA (or the Uni) have to produce some kin
  6. Hi, I'm hoping you can help me please. STA have been sending me letters demanding an amount related to a University course. I had started the course and left a few weeks later as I felt the course was poorly structured and was being taught by a newly qualified lecturer not the lecturer I had been told would lead it. I was not told at any point when leaving that I would owe any fees. I googled STA collections and found a standard letter which I sent to them stating that I didn't recognise the amount and it wasn't clear who this amount was owed to. I request
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