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  1. Hoping someone can help. I've been trying to get a responce from EON since May 2020 but this is becoming more urgent as i plan to apply for a mortgage July this year after saving for a deposit. I moved house last year and there was a outstanding balance with EON which I arranged to pay off £50 each month. This meant my last payment was October 2020. I didn't receive any other communication from EON apart from an email saying there was a outstanding balance of £470 on 15/04. I paid £100 25/04 and then settled the balance (£370) 25.05 5 months earlier than planned. However when i checked my credit file a default was logged in May 2020. I have asked for this to be removed as i believe its incorrect. I received no default notice etc. and i was making regular payments. I've escalated this through complaints resolver as EON have not replied at all. Has anyone had an experience like this in the past? Thanks
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