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  1. Thanks to you both for taking the time to read over and offer advice. Hopefully the next update is no update! (Bar the inevitable continuation of automated texts and emails from the gym Manager).
  2. Thanks Dx and Slick for your replies. I sent the template email you suggested slick with the addition of a sentence to begin with to further state I made all payments necessary during the commitment period and that extension of this period for reasons other than illness or injury is against the terms of the contract. it’s a fairly small amount of money and my concerns were mainly that if I was pursued - that it could have a negative effect on my credit profile. But from reading many similar stories to mine online re: the conduct of gyms and especially anytime - I felt b
  3. Good evening and thanks for taking the time to read through. I've received some support on a different forum from a member of CAG - and due to further escalation of events, felt it appropriate to post in here for hopefully more valuable advice. Brief version: Signed a contract with Anytime Fitness to run for 12 months ending Oct 31 2020. I attempted to cancel my membership in January with appropriate notice and was told in months the gym was closed to COVID, this would be added to my term. They are asking for 3 x monthly payments to end my membership and have now negotiated to two
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