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  1. Hi again, just a quick update. The collection has been arranged for tomorrow, 6th March, the refund will apparently be processed after collection is done and should be completed within 5 working days. Will let you know when it's completed...
  2. I don't know about timescales, my daughter only sent me a small snapshot of the first paragraphs of the reply letter but they caved straight away as a result of the letter written following your advice. Keep up the good work... donation made... thank you.
  3. Thanks again everyone for your advice, a letter arrived today offering her a full refund and collection of the faulty machine Wonderful result, thank you all.
  4. Hi Slick, I appreciate what you're saying about the extension but she added it originally because of the safety cutout and most of the time the only other thing that gets plugged into it is her phone charger (the heater I mentioned was used as a test for the lead after the fact). If she hadn't been using the protected extension lead she might still be using the dryer ignorant of the danger she was in. Thanks everyone for the advice, next thing is to do the letter for Argos... I'll be back...
  5. Have the model no. now, a GVS C9DG80, but there are no safety concerns about this particular model that I can see so I'll do the letter as you suggest. Thanks again and I'll let u know what comes of it.
  6. Thanks, Just asking in case that changed that changed anything... I will do a bit of searching when she tells me the model number. My own tumble dryer was one of the candy ones going up in flames sometime back but they came and applied a fix for it... a rivet on the back of the drum sticking out to knock the fluff off where it had been accumulating next to the heater element as the drum went round! So far so good...
  7. No, the home is reasonably modern and up to date. Built 2004 IIRC. When plugged in to the wall socket directly, the plug overheats and that along with the switch tripping behaviour suggests it is unsafe to use, especially considering the frequency with which tumble dryers cause house fires! Other things, including a powerful electric heater, are fine when plugged in that same socket and/or the extension lead too, so it's definitely not the fault of the house wiring nor the extension lead. In addition to that, the Dryer was fine operating on that exact same socket and rcd extension for 11 months before it broke down. I am a little confused about the letter of claim link bit though, it appears aimed at debtors?? or am I missing something? Ah, one other thing, your form letter above wouldn't be quite right as the single engineer visit fixed the original fault code that stopped it working at all but it has left it in an apparently unsafe condition... would that affect anything? I wonder if she hadn't spotted the hot plug and the house had gone up in flames who would the insurance company chase for liability? Candy, Hoover or the mystery engineer?
  8. Thanks Bankfodder, I will get on it and draft the letter for her to sign and send. I shall let you know what happens...
  9. Hi again, I have spoken to her to clarify exactly what she did: Initially she called Candy because there is a sticker on the machine telling her that's what to do. They said they could give her cover for £5/month that would mean she definitely wouldn't get charged for the fix if it turned out to be her fault, which she rejected. They then gave her Hoover's details for her to arrange the repair callout under the 1 year guarantee that came with the machine. She then hesitated, not sure what to do and looked at the Argos site in the meantime and found this: https://www.argos.co.uk/help/faq/256 which suggested to her that she had done the right thing calling Candy. It was a few days later that she actually called Hoover, who tried the insurance trick but for £15/m this time. Having rejected that again they then arranged with her for the engineer to come. The engineer came 10 days later and he replaced the heater element, ran the machine for 5 mins and left... She put washing in and 15 mins later the trip on her extension tripped. After repeatedly tripping out the cord she plugged it directly into the wall socket, it kept going but she discovered the plug was getting very hot so she stopped using it and called Hoover that very same day. They now proclaimed it is out of warranty and say that the repair is not warranted after the guarantee period either. They want her to pay to have it fixed or pay £15/m for a year to have them fix it free. Can't imagine how this is legal but that's what they told her. She has not received one shred of paperwork from any of the parties, not Candy, Hoover nor the engineer. Do we still go back to Argos? TIA
  10. Thanks, I will double check that she spoke to them first and have a look at what you suggest. Will come back when I've spoken to her...
  11. Hi, I shall double check with her but IIRC they kicked the initial claim to Candy because it was more than 6 months after the sale.
  12. Hi, I hope someone can point me in the direction I need. My daughter bought a Tumble dryer new from argos on 14/1/2020 and it was ok until just before Christmas when it stopped working. She eventually called Candy on the 13/1/2021 this year having suddenly realised the 12 month warranty was ending. They passed her on to Hoover (having tried to sell her an extended warranty first) who agreed to do the warranty repair. The repairman came and replaced the faulty heater element but since he left it now trips out the electric RCD socket it's plugged into every time she tries to use it. Argos, Candy and Hoover are all refusing any responsibility for the repair and she was left no paperwork or any id for the repairman. Who is responsible and how can we get them to come and fix their dodgy repair? Now the item is unusable surely she has some rights? TIA
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