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  1. £35 So not a huge amount, just annoying. I never had anything like this happen before. I was thinking to let the paypal case run to see if it is decided it was an unauthorized transaction or not. If paypal decides it was not unauthorized and buyer knew what she was doing, then I may write her an official letter asking for payment or the goods returned. If paypal sides with her and says it was an unauthorized transaction then I may be in a weaker position as she may say she never ordered this item in the first place.
  2. I did go through paypal. I refunded her initial payment which came in through PP directly back that way. It was just turned into an 'e-cheque' by paypal , as I didn't have a credit balance in my paypal account. They had to take it out of by bank account via direct debit first and then refund it to the buyer. That process takes 7-10 days. So whilst this refund "clearing process" was going on, the buyer contacted her bank and tried to reverse the initial payment on top of it, claiming she never authorized the transaction in the first place. As my refund was already going through
  3. I am new to the forum , it has been recommended by someone who has used this before, so I thought I post my problem and see If someone knows what the legal position is in such a case. I sold something on ebay (private seller) on the 10th of January this year The item was paid for straight away by the buyer through paypal I shipped the item tracked and insured with Hermes on the 11th of January Destination Manchester The tracking stopped on the 12th of January just saying ‘entered Hermes network’ then nothing. I raised a quer
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