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  1. Got a nice text message today... “Please call regarding collection of the Skoda Fabia if contact is not made within 24-hours the vehicle will be reported” doesn’t mention anything who it will be reported to, no mention of settlement... classy company doing the collections. I assume the lack of detail is down to the fact there’s nobody to report to it just sounds convincing to scare you??
  2. Without sounding dumb, what would that achieve? I know in the grand scheme it would mean they would maybe have to operate better but it wouldn't write anything off my debt would it?
  3. I think anyone that resorts to these have a shot credit file unfortunately.. I've not pulled the covid string, they offered a holiday early pandemic which I think it took a couple of weeks worth but non since... but I have missed the further action 7 days notice letter, hence they passed the account on. I'm not sure if my best course of action would be to write a nicely worded email offering to negotiate terms a little if they will talk to me OR whether to go heavy handed and keep my car out of sitght and see what they come at me with..
  4. I've just had a good read of melissa's thread. Seems if i push back a but CCP might get a little but of slack. It would appear I have less debt & much greater means to clear it.. so I think they might come round to my way of thinking. I'll do a check on the BOS now to see when it was registered. Keeping the car off a public highway isn't so easy round my way, but I can park it away from my house easy enough. I'm guessing its against data protection/GDPR for them to pass on my employment records
  5. I've been contacted and asked to pay £1030 for the outstanding £580 that I owed CCP. I have no intention of surrendering the car as I use it for work daily & it is my source of income to support 3 and pay off the money I borrowed. I accept it's my fault defaulting etc & I'm ok that their are fees involved too.. but I need a little time to get this money together. My question is - Is there anything the collection agent can do if they can't physically get hold of my vehicle? I park it on private land at work (I'm not sure they even know where this is) & I don't park outside my house at home. I'm just unsure if there is further action they can take if they can't actually get the car off me... Also is there anything I can do to delay them for a few weeks as they won't accept a payment plan of anything other that £500 now & the rest 7 days later which is ridiculous! (Can I demand proof of fees/costs in advance?)
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