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  1. Hi I made a claim against amigo for redress for a loan i took in 2017 the claim was submitted 25th october, i have received confirmation of claim then all received correspondence going forward to date have been direct through my email Amigo have continued to push back with an outcome giving excuses such as covid blah blah and fobbing me off saying my guarantor also would need to apply for redress as she made payments on my behalf the balance of the loan approx 4k i have not yet got her to make a claim (does she need to)? Or will this be included in my claim ? as shes adament she does NOT want to deal with them again due to the harassment she received from collections when i had trouble making payments (my elderly grandmother) now today i received a message for a claim to be made through their voted payment scheme !! however i have to receive an admission for the mis selling of the loan and conclusion of outcome from my original claim with the 8 week turnaround ?? I escalated my original claim to the financial ombudsman 27th January on the back of the last direct email received my question is do i continue to go through the ombudsman for admission or go through with the claim through the new scheme ( i dont want to do and if i have to will be voting NO ) despite the fact they haven't give me a response from my original claim ? Also has anyone taking them to court for this ? I have attached correspondence received via email not resolver emails.pdf
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