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  1. Hi I have received an email from IRDWW stating that they will now instruct their legal team to pursue me, i have received 6 letters up to this point. I feel that I should contact them with the following: Dear Sir/Madam Please can you provide a copy of the alleged debt with the original financial agreement document that exists between Emirates Islamic Bank and myself, in English. All terms and conditions relating to the account must be supplied in English. Copies of all statements of accounts with any attached notes in English. Copies of any default notice and termination notice in English. A copy of any legal documentation that evidences that Emirates Islamic Bank has authorised IDRWW to contact me in regards to this alleged debt. The contact details of the Emirates Islamic Bank representative. Please let me have your thoughts
  2. Do you have the details of the person you communicated with in the central bank?
  3. Hi all I finally managed to get in contact with Emirates Islamic Bank Recovery Department and after a lot of dead ends they have come back with "Once we have passed the case to a UK debt collection agency we cannot deal with you directly" what do I do now? I have received 5 letters from IDR as well as emails and texts, what option do I have other than to contact IDR? Any help would be appreciated
  4. Please would you share his email? Did they ever ask for your financial details also so that they could work out how much to get from you? rgaine what happened to your last post?
  5. are we allowed to give contact details here? It would be much appreciated though
  6. Can he prove that? Is it documented somewhere? This is what I'm relying on to stop the UK debt collectors contacting me, still trying to find the appropriate contact in Emirates Islamic Bank though
  7. That is only if the debt collection firm bought the debt?
  8. That is good news i think...but the judge didn't throw the case out which means what the debt collectors did was legit?
  9. Hi Loulou So you ignored them for a bout a year and they have only just got back to you? did they contact you in the interim and have you ever replied? I'm in the same boat
  10. Hi rgaine Did they ever request your expense and earning details along with statements etc? did you give it to them and what was the response?
  11. That is very comprehensive thankyou. So once you told IDRWW that they cannot pursue you and that you would complain, they left you alone? I spoke with citizens advice and they said to try come to an arrangement with IDRWW, either a lump sum settlement of a payment plan. I haven't replied to any of IDRWW's emails as of yet
  12. Hi Standarddubai Has there been as advancement on your situation? I am in the same situation
  13. Hi rgaine At what stage did you actually contact the Uk debt collection companies and what did you say to them? underp04 didn't have any contact with them and is now facing court Also how did you get in contact with the banks in Dubai? I can't find any proper contact email
  14. Should I inform IDRWW that I will be dealing with the bank directly and not to bother me anymore?
  15. Did you have any communication from IDRWW prior to this?
  16. What is that and how long did it take them to get this point?
  17. I haven't changed address and IDRWW got my address from Emirates Bank, so the details Emirates have are still correct. Do I need to inform them again?
  18. IDRWW have already sent a letter to my home address, can I take this as updated then?
  19. As you are aware, we are a debt recovery agency and we have been instructed by our client, Emirates Islamic Bank PJSC in the Middle East to deal with the following outstanding account(s) Does this mean they haven't 'bought the debt'?
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