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  1. Hi. It’s the first thing I think of everyday and the last thing at night. I’ve never been in this situation before and have read horror stories about what’s happened to other people. I have recently been diagnosed with severe anxiety so it’s just getting me down. My husband tells me not to worry about it but I can’t help it
  2. Hi. No I haven’t wrote to the bank to give them my correct address but I will. Is that so they can’t issue anything to the address they have on record for me? As I’m aware they haven’t sent any correspondence to that address, it’s my parents house so they will let me know. I’ll report the texts as scam to the number you have given me. So you advise that I just ignore the letters but keep them all?
  3. Hi. I’ve received another letter from IDR, it’s the 3rd one now since it all began in January.I also receive texts from them every 10 or so days. I’ve tried to block the number but I can’t. I’ll put a copy of the letter up, any advice will be gratefully received as it’s making me ill CamScanner 03-20-2021 12.11.pdf
  4. Hi no I never gave the bank my current address, I didn’t think I needed to as I haven’t heard from them for years and it was only via email. Do you think I should do that? I think they only have my previous address which was my parents house. So I should ignore these letters? I will keep any further correspondence from them like suggested in previous posts. It’s honestly causing me sleepless nights
  5. Hi. I left Dubai in December 2014 unfortunately leaving debt behind after being made redundant. For a few years afterwards I received emails and phone calls from the bank in question. I ignored all but I replied to 1. I haven't heard anything for around 3, maybe 4 years until a couple of weeks ago. I received a letter from International debt recovery giving me 7 days to reply, I didnt reply. The letter was dated 29th Jan 2021. Today I received another letter with the amount I now owe apparently. Ive been given 14 days to reply to this one. Im an absolute nervous wreck as the letter was posted to my home address and in my maiden name. I did message a solicitor after the 1st letter but I never got a reply. What do I do? Do I contact them or ignore?
  6. Hello RE: Debt in Dubai IDRWW chasing - Page 3 - Overseas Debt/Overseas Account issues - Consumer Action Group I left Dubai in 2014 after being made redundant, the same as the lady above. I’d heard so many bad stories and panicked! I came home December 2014. I had the odd email from the bank, NBAD at the time although it’s now merged with another. On Saturday I received a letter to my home address from the debt collection agency that is mentioned in that thread. This is the first “official” correspondence I have received from anyone since I left. Understandably I’m now panicking. I do have a mortgage but it’s interest only and I’m in negative equity so I’m not sure how they would benefit from taking my house. I have no other assets or savings. We are living hand to mouth. I have contacted a solicitor in the UK for advice but I’m not sure what else to do? I haven’t heard from the bank in Dubai for over 2.5 years and then this? Any help/advice would be appreciated. It’s been 7 years this year that I left
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