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  1. Kind regards Mick Davies Enforcement Officer Trading Standards Service Regulation and Enforcement Neighbourhoods Directorate 1-3 Ashted Lock Way Birmingham B7 4AZ
  2. I can confirm eBay have allowed this dealer to enter into their site AGAIN under Lee Hudson cars, same mobile Number same feedback. So much for having to jump through hoops to advertise. I was informed by Samatha Davies of eBay motors in writing that they ensure all their dealers are checked thoroughly What a joke, looks like they missed this AGAIN
  3. If he’s still selling on eBay what’s the name he is selling under, I’ll pick this up with Samantha Davies who is investigating the company from eBay on behalf of eBay
  4. The car had more warning lights than my Christmas tree, the car was not fit for purpose bold tyres poor body work paint wise leather seats ripped mould in the headliner spot lights full of water egf air bags there’s to much to mention sorry
  5. We’ve been done as well, we purchased through eBay who advised they were reputable. I was advised by eBay we were fine to go ahead with a bank transfer. I’m just waiting for my subject access request of the recorded conversation. The dealer has been taken off eBay, and all other motor sites. The pen is mightier than the sword. Action fraud, trading standards and CAB are on it. I’m a believer in Karma, he will get his just deserts the legal way. 311 Wells Green Road doesn’t exist. It only goes up to a certain num
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