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  1. I have tried contacting the bank and I get no information back at all.
  2. Paid the debt off to the bank with who I had the credit card with. With being in the UK I don’t this through western union
  3. I left UAE in 2014 but credit card debt. I moved back here to the UK and paid the debt off whilst living here. I haven’t heard anything. I then get an email, followed by a letter, from IDRWW claiming I owe money. what do I do?
  4. I have literally just had contact from IDRWW. it started with an email and now Ive had a letter through the door. I left uae in 2014 with some debt. I paid it all back after I moved back to the uk now I’m getting these letters. I don’t know how when I paid it all off so there shouldn’t be any debt.
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