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  1. I've spoken to my daughter and she has unfortunately thrown the first letter away. She only had the copy I sent to you because she send the image to me when she received the letter last year.
  2. Dx100uk I know you are trying to help but I'm not as adept at computers as you are and as FTMDave said above, I assumed that would happen. I am unable to get the other side of the page you are after as my daughter is in bed. I will get that for you tomorrow.
  3. 3398307_KEY.ERR.V001 [2].pdf rejection of appeal +£20 fee for even looking at your appeal!!
  4. The rejection of the appeal is already a PDF so I can't alter it without the correct software and I can't scan anything as I am not in possession of the physical paperwork. I just have photos on whatsapp.
  5. Sorry we are unable to do it. Either edit the existing PDF or convert the other document into a PDF.
  6. I have the appeal letter as a PDF but am unable to edit out the personal details. My Son Will be able to but he's not up yet, lazy youth issues.
  7. I have the letter with the registration of the car on it but I don't know how to turn it into a PDF.
  8. Thank you I will forward this on to her. She would pop in herself but has a 4 year old and a 2 year old so is pretty busy. They all just had covid too so it's been full on for her, he husband is a teacher so he's had it 3 times so far.
  9. Yes she swapped 2 letter round, she still has the ticket as proof. She did appeal in her name yes.
  10. I'm asking on behalf of my daughter who made a mistake in the letters on a parking ticket and has been accused of not paying to park. She has appealed and didn't hear anything back but has today received this She is adamant she is not paying the fine as she has proof that she paid to park but just mixed up the letters. PCN.pdf
  11. This letter is from Shoosmiths who are claiming to be solicitors and not debt collectors. Does the "refuse to pay" still stand?
  12. Excellent, that's what I thought but needed confirmation just to boost my confidence in what I'm telling him. Thank you, you've been a great help.
  13. Yes he has been paying it for the whole time. We have raised 4 children in that time. I have taken a debt collection agency to court and won with costs awarded but he just carried on paying. You can't educate stupid. I can't tell you exactly when he started paying it but shortly after the sale.
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