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  1. This letter is from Shoosmiths who are claiming to be solicitors and not debt collectors. Does the "refuse to pay" still stand?
  2. Excellent, that's what I thought but needed confirmation just to boost my confidence in what I'm telling him. Thank you, you've been a great help.
  3. Yes he has been paying it for the whole time. We have raised 4 children in that time. I have taken a debt collection agency to court and won with costs awarded but he just carried on paying. You can't educate stupid. I can't tell you exactly when he started paying it but shortly after the sale.
  4. It was a DCA. It has been sold on so many times that there is no paperwork, which is what I told him to ask for, hence the above letter that he received today after 3 months of asking for proof he owed the debt.
  5. I have been telling him this for years. He has finally started to listen, all a bit late. Is there anything he can do now?
  6. My husband has paid the whole debt. He has asked many years ago why they are not pursuing her for it and they have said they can't find her even though he gave her address. They did however say that they would half the debt, this has not been done.
  7. Many years ago my husband bought a house with his then girlfriend. They split and the house was repossessed and sold. He is still being chassed for the debt all these years later. He has repeatedly asked for the documentation for the debt and they are unable to provide any. This is the latest letter below. Is there anything he can do? shoosmiths letter.pdf
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