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  1. Hi I’m sorry to write we have received a bit of bad news at home which means all my fight needs to head elsewhere. I am so grateful to all your support, help and advice this last few months in my fight for justice against JL. They have now offered me near enough the full price of the TV not to take this any further and I think they have finally seen sense so I will proceed to accept their offer. It is only with your help that I have understood the Small Claims procedure more fully and I thank you for your guidance. I will make a payment this week to help with your ongoing admin. Thank you once again. I hope this thread also helps others. Best of luck in everything you do.
  2. Apologies - I hadn’t seen the previous post BankFodder. For some reason it is only appearing now. Yes the TV had a warranty. It cost £775. They say they have seen the video and the mediator even brought this to the solicitor’s attention again. I had to submit the video evidence again during mediation so the defendant’s solicitor could take a look. The only bit missing from the document are my own personal details as I am posting this online, sorry.
  3. Thanks. This doesn’t go against me though does it? I was worried it won’t look like I’m willing to mediate or negotiate (although I’ve tried!). So I need to submit any other documents if I object to it being hear on papers only?
  4. Hi just a little update. We went to mediation. After a lot of back and forth, JL agreed to pay half the cost of the TV and no more. I explained I was happy to mediate by settling and even accepting a new TV or amount in vouchers to the full cost of my purchase - which the mediator seemed think was very reasonable. The solicitor wanted a day to talk this through with JL, but I heard the following day this was refused. We therefore decided to go to court. I have now received a Notice of Allocation to the Small Claims Track. Please see the image attached. I am quite confused as the judge has asked for us to mediate in point 1. Point 3 then requests further documentation? I have also heard today from the defendant that they have refused to the court for the judge to make a decision on papers alone and in a separate email offered me £600 to cover the cost of the TV inc of all costs. Any thoughts please thanks! Doc 21 Jul 2021, 14:04.pdf
  5. Hello just thought you would appreciate an update. I have telephone mediation tomorrow morning. Whilst I would be happy to bring the matter to a close, I don’t feel I am at fault whatsoever, so I’m unsure how it will play out. I’ll let you know how I get on. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. The issue is, although I have been working on this complaint because it was my purchase, I was in the other room for literally two minutes due to Covid when the person entered our home, so I will need my partner to be a witness as they are accusing him in their defence. It’s quite unbelievable really.
  7. Thanks. I have now received my DQ from the court, so will complete this and return. I will include myself and my partner as witnesses and request a local court hearing.
  8. I have phoned MCOL for an update as the dashboard still says ‘awaiting judgement’. Apparently the solicitors emailed their response and there is a backlog, but it arrived just in time before the deadline. MCOL is now emailing me a DQ to fill in and return.
  9. I have just heard from the solicitors representing JL by email attaching the Defendent’s N180 Directions Questionnaire by way of service. My MCO dashboard still says ‘awaiting judgement’ so I’m guessing I do nothing until this I hear from the court
  10. I checked and there’s nothing submitted by the defence unless it was received by post before the deadline - therefore the judgement will be made within 10 working days.
  11. All I can think is maybe they have filed it by post and emailed it to me. Maybe it has been received in time but not yet opened and processed?? I don’t know. Seems odd though as I have had the document for a few days
  12. Hello can I ask a quick question on the Money Claims service. I regularly check the online site to make sure I’m not missing any requests and today it says this (see attachment) stating I should request a CCJ?? It’s as though they haven’t responded to the court
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