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  1. After yet another working week of zero response from curry’s. I’m taking to social media to share my shocking experience with their customer service. I purchased a TV from curry’s online on the Black Friday deals for my 6 year old sons Christmas. Wrapped it and hidden away till the big day. Plugged it in and it was damaged.....these things happen, I thought curry’s is a reputable company and will replace it. Contacted curry’s on the 26th December, was told that their policy is to receive the tv back at the depot to check it over and then they would issue a new TV to be dispatched.....not ideal but sure, these are difficult times and my 6year old understood that Santa just needed to fix it and it would be back in no time! Arranged dpd collection for the 27th December and was told I would receive a text for when the driver would arrive. Was reassured that regardless of the Black Friday deal price, I would receive a replacement tv whether that be the one I ordered or one of similar spec, which I was happy with. Driver arrived without prewarning and refused collection because I didn’t display a label (at no point either on the phone or via email was I advised to do this) had them to call back ‘team know how’ to re arrange collection & find out what label I had to supply. The best date she could offer was the 31st and I had to write an address on a piece of paper and tape it to the box and once again reassured I would receive a replacement tv.....ok no problem! Collected eventually! Received an email on Sunday 10th January at 6:32am to say they had received my tv back at the depot but unfortunately they no longer had my tv in stock. Either pick a tv of the same value or they would issue me a refund within 48 hours.....best bit is you can’t respond via email....has to be via telephone when you sit in a queue for 48minutes and the first person hangs up on you. Eventually get to speak to someone. I decline the offer of a refund and advise that the TV I ordered is showing as still available on the website, just now it’s not at the Black Friday price (even though I was told this wouldn’t be an issue). was told yup, no problem we’ll get this sorted for you, someone will be in touch...... .a few days go by and I have not as much as an email. I message the online team and log a complaint. Then told that the tv is no longer in stock despite being available online. Ok then I am happy to take any TV of the same size ect and supply several options....some cheaper, some more expensive. Was told yes we can do that, you’ll receive an email to confirm within the next couple of days. Nothing. I then contact trading standards to get some advice. They confirm I am within my rights under the consumer rights act, they open a case for me, draft up an email and send it over.....strange thing is the customer services email account isn’t accepting mail at the moment I then contact ‘team know how again’ and inform them of the consumer rights case number....’apologies and someone will be in touch by the end of the week’ Week passes and I call in again, and get through to a department where I am told ‘it’s with the back of house team and has been manually dispatched the alternative TV (which was of lesser value but who cares at this point. My boys bedroom sits empty as he desperately waits for his Christmas present) so someone will be in touch by the end of the week to arrange delivery’ Perfect. Happy again. Another week passes and I get zero response from curry’s...no confirmation email, no text, no nothing. I call again, wait in a queue to once again explain the situation, passed from department to department. Eventually speak to someone again who once again tells me.... .it’s been passed to the back of house team and has been manually dispatched..... whatever the hell that means. I politely tell her that at this point, with no disrespect, I don’t believe you and can you send me confirmation of this ‘manual for dispatch’ and actually clarify what that means. Unfortunately she can not strange. Once again I leave the call with another empty promise of an email from a manager to confirm by the end of the week. Now I am aware that this is Friday and the week has not yet ended but quite frankly I am completely fed up of the disgusting treatment I have received & would like to pre warn others. Not sure whether I’d call this fraud or theft now I’ll contact trancing standards again today and try from this side. Absolutely disgusting. I’m just glad that I have a very forgiving son who forgives Santa for taking OVER A MONTH to send his TV back! ***this is a copy and paste I started today’s online chat with. I have since then been told that the can only offer me a refund as the have no tv within the price range of the product I paid for (at the sale price)*** no one is providing me with an email address to use as a point of contact for mediation. I am sitting in tears trying to deal with this. Can anyone help me please?
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