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  1. ooh okay, thanks. I'll get on that, appreciate all of your advice guys
  2. I feel sorry for the people who fall victim to these predators. I don't know anything about their claim. Am I required to take any direct action at this point? I have no idea who was driving the vehicle at the given date. if I do send the ppc that letter, isn't that kicking the hornet's nest? I'd rather not have to fight with them especially given that this becomes statute barred in a matter of months.
  3. I live in scotland, received a letter today from scumone called DCBL claiming that they are owed £160 because "the driver was parked in contravention of the terms and conditions outlined on the signage and was agreed to by the driver when the vehicle entered and parked on private land." I am the RK of the vehicle mentioned, the date of the alleged offense was 05/16. This is the first I am ever hearing of this, I have had no previous correspondence or anything relating to what they are referring to. Since their call queues are 45+ people long I am not keen to wait on the phone and deal with this. What do I need to do?
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