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  1. In 2018 the dwp awarded me 0 points for daily care and mobility although i was previously on enhanced rate for care and standard for mobilty, i asked for a mandatory reconsideration and they awarded me enhanced rate for mobility but still 0 points for care. Because i suffer with both mental health as well as mobility, i accepted their decision because i was afraid to go to tribunal. Because i lost the care element my partner and i lost the severe disability premium. At my last assessment in dec 2019 they dropped my mobility to standard rate, and still 0 points for daily living/care. I asked for a MR and they didnt change their decision, this time because i was told about a benefit advice shop that would help with a tribunal i decided enough was enough and asked for it to go to tribunal. I have just received the tribunal decision, the tribunal was on Jan 22nd. The tribunal came to a unanimous decision and awarded me Enhanced rate for daily living, and enhanced rate for mobility, it states for an indefinite period. Because my partner is still in receipt of pip, gets daily living and mobility, and because i have now been awarded both, will the dwp have to pay me, and backdate payments for severe disability premium? if so, they would owe me this from january 2020. We also receive esa (support group ) Can somebody please put me right on this. Thank you
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