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  1. Hi Senbell1 I too have made this mistake almost exactly the same issues with my vehicle I am currently and have been since December 2nd doing everything I can to get him caught its not proving easy I've been in touch with police Scotland, West Midlands police , consumer advice, motor and financial ombudsman , county courts my local sheriff court and the relevant motor trade association I have lots of evidence against him and I intend to take it as far as I need to in order to stop him !! i know exactly how you feel and if I manage to get the matter resolved I will message again . if it helps he is now trading on eBay under . LeeHudson-Cars James Harrison Industrial Unit Warwick West Midlands CV34 5XH United Kingdom Email:[email protected] make sure you call trading standards and report him there number is 0345 404 0506 they need several complaints to open a case and investigate
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